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Elyos Leveling Guide 1 - 3

When you first enter the game you will want to accept the quest from Elpas. He will give you the quest "Sleeping On The Job".


Once you have this quest you will need to run north along the path until you see Mires. Turn in your quest at him and accept the new one that he has, "Kerubar Hunt".


With new quest in hand head east over to the Kerubar Farm. Here you will want to kill 3 Striped Kerubs.

Striped Kerub

After you kill 3 Striped Kerubs turn around and turn your quest back into Mires. Accept the new quest from Mires and return to where you just killed the Striped Kerubs. This time you will need to collect Kerub Grain Sacks4 Kerub Grain Sacks that can be found along the ground.

Kerub Grain Sack

Once you have all 4 return to Mires and Turn in your quest. Accept the new one that he has and follow the road north towards Akarios Village. Alongside the road you will run into Kales.


Talk to Kales and accept his quest "The Snuffler Headache". This quest requires you to kill the nearby Grain Snufflers for Grain Snuffler Tail4 Grain Snuffler Tails.

Grain Snuffler

After you have all Grain Snuffler Tails4 Grain Snuffler Tails return to Kales and Turn in your quest. Accept the follow up "Helping Kales". Once you have that quest you will want to continue north along the road into Akarios Village.

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