Elyos Leveling Guide 15 - 15

After you arrive back in Tolbas Village and turn in your quest to Letos you will want to head southeast to the "X" on my map. At the X you'll want to look for and kill Trandila.


After you kill Trandila head over to Geolus who is nearby and turn in/accept your quest. Now you'll want to return to Tolbas Village and turn in your quest to Leto. From town you'll want to head north, then southeast to the purple X on my map:

Tolbas Village

On your way to the "X" you will come across a Headless Stone Statue with a quest. Accept the quest from the Stone Statue then Jump down into the water on the other side of the path. In here you will find the head of the Headless Statue. Loot it and return to the statue.

Headless Stone StatueBodyless Stone Statue

Back at the statue you will want to turn in your quest then continue along the road to the purple X. When you reach Anasia and Dronoa turn in your quest and accept the new quests.

Dronoa and Anasia

Once you have the quests you will want to head back across the bridge and kill Mountain Abex's for Abex Hock Meat3 Abex Hock Meat. Also on this side of the bridge you will want to talk to Considerate Lagos and accept his two quests.

Considerate LagosKandula

Considerate Lagos wants you to collect Targena12 Targena. The Targena requires a collection skill of 45. If you need to raise your skill then you'll find some lower level collection materials around this area.

After you've completed the quests on the opposite side of the bridge, head back across to where the NPC's are. On this side of the bridge you will want to collect any of the remaining Condor Meat5 Condor Meat. As well as collect Soporific Mushrooms5 Soporific Mushrooms in this area. You will also need to collect the Oats on this side for Lagos. The Oats require 55 skill in order to harvest. I told you to raise it earlier!

If you're skill is too low, I recommend gathering the Targena on the other side of the crevace until you can gather the oats.

Shroom and Swiss

Once you're done all 4 of your quests, turn them into their respective owners and then continue south down the canyon. You will want to go to the Purple "X" on my map.

Pilgrim's Respite

Once you arrive at Pilgrim's Respite turn in your quest. Fly back to Verteron and accept the two quests "Alteno's Wedding Ring" and "An Antidote for Roseino".

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