Elyos Leveling Guide 12 - 13 Tolbas Village

The first thing you'll want to do when you get to Tolbas Village is turn in your timed quest. Then you can calmly pick up all the quests in town and turn in any that you have here. Once you're done picking up all the quests and turning any you have in, It's time to head back to the farm we where just at. This time around instead of killing the Peons you need to kill the Thiefs.

NOTE: Before leaving town be sure to set your new resurrection/return point at this Obelisk. If not you'll have a long ass run soon.


Also while you're here you will probably find "Belbua's Diary" which will complete your "Belbua is Missing" quest. Be sure you get this diary before you leave. After you've completed both quests you'll want to head back to Verteron Citadel and buy some Verteron PeppeVerteron Pepper from the Cook/Food Vendor.

After you've purchased the spices grab the quest from William in town and Return to Tolbas Village. Turn in all of your quests and accept the followups. Now you will need to run all the way back to Belbua's farm. This time around at the farm you will need to kill Cavil. He can be found in the house closest to the river.


After you kill Cavil be sure to enter the house and go to the right wall. On the wall will be Suspicious Documents which will start a quest. Be sure to loot these. Once you've accomplished both things here head back to Verteron Citadel and turn in the quest that the Suspicious Documents gave you.

Suspicious Document

Suspicious Document

After you turn in the quest in town, depending on how long it took you your return ability may be up again. If it is, then use it. If it isn't... Well then you got a long run back to Tolbas Village. When you get back to Tolbas village you will want to turn in any quests you have and accept all new quests. Now from town you will want to head north to the Dukaki Mine.

Dukakai Mine Location

At the mine you will need to kill 9 Dukaki Miners, collect Silver Ore5 Silver Ore and Collect Tolbas Village Supplies7 Tolbas Village Supplies. In order to collect Silver OreSilver Ore you will need 35 Vitality Gathering Skill. You can find Iron Ore around the mine that will help you raise your skill if its lacking. If your skill is low chances are you will be grinding here for awhile, maybe a good 30 - 45 minutes.

NOTE: Be careful of the Tursin Bigmouths in the mine... They will mess you up.

Dukaki MinerCrate

The supplies that you need can be found much deeper within the mine. They can be found in little brown boxes scattered around the dig. When you complete all 3 quests return to Tolbas Village. When you arrive back in Tolbas Village turn in all of your quests. Accept all of the new quests that are available to you and then return to the Mine.

Now that you're back at the mine you will need to kill a Tursin Bigmouth. He will drop the Striking Rod that you will need for your "Odium in the Dukaki Settlement" quest. Once you have the Striking RodStriking Rod you will need to head over to the Cauldrons. Track Overseer Redtum in your quest log to easily locate the cauldrons. Or just look for the huge ass ledge with 3 huge ass cauldrons on it.

When you get to the Cauldrons you will want to use your Striking RodStriking Rod on the Dukaki Alarm at the bottom. When you hit the alarm it will summon Overseer Redtum who you will need to kill for the Odium Soluvent. Once you get the Odium Soluvent you will want to use that on the cauldrons. In order to use it on the cauldrons, stand near one and right click it in your inventory.

Overseer Redtum

Overseer Redtum

After you complete the quest you will want to return to Tolbas Village and turn in your quest. That completes your series of quests for this town. Now from Tolbas Village head south to your next questing area.

Tolbas Village

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