Asmodian Leveling Guide - Mist Mane Kiting 36 - 39

Brutal Mist Mane ScratcherBrutal Mist Mane Pawsoldier

Another option for levels 36 - 39 is Kiting the guards outside Mist Mane. The guards right at the entrance to Mist Mane Village are usually level 37/38. The guards are great XP if you're able to kite them. The classes that will be able to kite these are Rangers, Spiritmasters and Sorcerers. Below is where you can find the mobs you'll want to kite.

Mistmane Village Entrance

Depending on the time of day kiting here can get a little gay if people keep KS'ing you. However even with the occasional douchebag this is still a great area for you to level up. Now, of course not everyone can kite here. You have to actually know how to play your class and be pretty darn good at dodging mobs. Your best bet while kiting these mobs is following the path southwest back towards where you came.

Each of the Mist Mane elites that you kill will drop a Mist Mane Mau Hair. This hair is used in many of the quests involving Mist Mane Village. You can get all of these quests starting at level 35. To see a list of all these quests check out my Official Mist Mane Guide.

As far as going further into the Mist Mane Village, I don't really recommend going past the very entrance. If you do there is a chance to get an add while kiting which could quickly screw you over. Another plus to this grinding area is that you're in the area incase anyone needs an extra DPS for a Mist Mane Group.