Mist Mane Village (Group Quests & Grind)

Mist Mane Village is a village filled with Elite Mau. You will need a group in order to level here, but it is pretty darn good XP and also there are quite a few quests for you to do here. You can get all of the quests from Silver Mane Village, it is just east of Mist Mane Village.

Silvermane Village

The quests for Mist Mane Village all require a group and quite a bit of grinding here. There is one quest you actually need to pick up inside, but it can be shared. That quest is Taisan's Request. Below are the quests you can do for Mist Mane Village.

NOTE: About half way through Mist Mane Village you will find a large Mushroom, from this Mushroom you will be able to glide to the foot of another Mushroom skipping a ton of trash. This can be seen in my video of this place at the bottom of the page. Be careful when you land, however, where you land a boss spawns. Usually he is always dead so you don't have much to worry about.

The Secret Ingredient

Nunu Farmer

Collect 7 Odella. Odella can drop from the NuNu Farmers near the entrance to Mist Mane Village. This is the one quest you can actually solo here. However you will need to be very careful not to agro any elites or you'll have to run away.

[Group] Ananta's Plan

Brutal Mist Mane Patroller

Collect 100 Mist Mane Hairs and the Spirited Breath Shoes. Mist Mane Hairs drop from any of the Mau in Mist Mane Village. Also you are able to buy the Mist Mane Hairs from other players or the AH. The Spirited Breath Shoes can be found off any Mau inside Mist Mane Village.

NOTE: In addition to being able to drop off any Mau inside the village the Spirit Breath Shoes can also be found in a "Worn Wooden Box". This box can be found any where in Mist Mane Village, when you bust it open the shoes have a 100% chance to be inside.

[Group] The NuNu Fertilizer

Nunu FarmerTalsan Location

Collect 20 NuNu Fertilizers. NuNu Fertilizer drops off any of the Mist Mane mobs with "NuNu" as a Prefix to their name. The NPC you need to turn your quest into is Temoji, he is also the one that gave you the quest, unless you had it shared with you, you should know this! =D

[Group] Incredulous Nuaka

Brutal Mist Mane Patroller

Kill Chieftan Nuaka or a 39+ Mau for Chieftan Nuaka's Weapon. Also you will need to collect 150 Mist Mane Hairs. Mist Mane Hairs drop from any of the Mau in Mist Mane Village. Also you are able to buy the Mist Mane Hairs from other players or the AH.

[Group] Taisan's Request

Brutal Mist Mane ScratcherMist Mane Village Location

Collect 10 Odella Pills. Odella pills drop from any of Mau or NuNu's inside. Also above is a map of where you can find Taisan, whom you need to talk to in order to turn in your quest. Of course, you should know this, since you had to accept the quest in the first place. Unless the quest was shared with you of course.

Taisan's Message

After you turn in Taisan's quest you will be able to accept Taisan's Message. This quest requires you to fly over Mist Mane Village. When you are ready you will want to speak with Taisan again and tell him you are ready to fly over. He will port you out and you will have your quest completed. In order to turn your quest in however you will need to return to Mist Mane Village and to Taisan to turn it in.

NOTE: The easiest way to do this is to place a Kisk here, bind to it and then die to come back. Please keep in mind if you're in a group and not doing the Kisk method be sure to tell people NOT to accept this quest. If they do they will not be able to easily get back to the group.

Campaign - Allies Among Enemies

Allies Among Enemies Location

First for this quest you will need to speak with Ananta in Mist Mane Village. After you've done that you will need to head into Mist Mane Village and free the following Mau.

Free Aknati
Free Gaganti
Free Kogita

After you complete that part of the quest you will need to return to town and talk with a few NPC's. After you do that you will be able to turn in and complete this quest. When you complete this quest it will unlock another Campaign quest, Kikanata's Loyalty.

Kikanata's Loyalty

Kikanata LocationKikanata

The first part of this quest requires you to speak with Kikanata. She can be found right over top the "M" in "M"ist Mane Village. After you talk with Kikanata she will show you a cut scene that tells you the next mob that you need to kill. Kikanata will also give you another quest called [Group] Defeating the Main Force of Mist Mane.

Visionmaster Location

Once you refresh your quest at Kikanata you will need to head southeast to Visionmaster Komutata. You'll have to kill quite a bit on your way over here but luckily you could probably still use the Mau Hairs and XP.

Visionmaster Komutata

After you kill Visionmaster Komutata you will need to return to Kikanata and talk to her for your quest. Then you will need to go to Silvermane Village, and talk to another NPC for your quest. Then you will need to go to Alsig Village, talk to someone else and finally to Morheim to speak with Vii.

[Group] Defeating the Main Force of Mist Mane


Kill 1 Brutal Mist Mane Bulwark
Kill 1 Brutal Mist Mane Curate
Kill 1 Brutal Mist Mane Warlock

All 3 of these Mist Mane elites can be found throughout the village. All of them are rare spawns and can patrol almost anywhere in Mist Mane Village. Chances are you probably would be better off just skipping this quest. Also, I must add this quest comes from Kikanata.

[Group] Chaomirk's Request

Tayga Locations

Kill 5 Searcher Tayga
Kill 3 Armed Tayga
Kill 7 Armored Tayga

Searcher Tayga can be found near the northern entrance of Mist Mane Village.
Armed Tayga can be found much deeper in around the two NPC's for Odella Pills and Fertilizer.
Armored Tayga can be found around the 3 NPC's that you had to free for the campaign quest.

**************************************Most Important Quest Here**************************************

The most important quest at Mist Mane Village is the [Group] Never to Rise Again quest. In order to get this quest you must first complete the Quieting Karnifs quest. The Quieting Karnifs quest is a Non-group easy to do quest. Below is a quick Walkthrough for it:

Quieting Karnifs

Quieting Karnifs Location

Kill 7 Hungry Karnifs
Kill 9 Heartless Karnifs

The Karnifs can be found just west of Silver Mane Village. Quite a few of the Karnifs spawn over here but usually there are always a few people here doing the quest. This makes it a tad bit more annoying then it really should be. When you finish the quest you will want to return to town and turn it in.

[Group] Never to Rise Again

Never to Rise Again Quest Location

Kill 9 Brutal Mist Mane Medics
Kill 9 Brutal Mist Mane Priests
Kill 9 Brutal Mist Mane Dark Mages
Kill 9 Brutal Mist Mane Summoners

All of these mobs can be found in Mist Mane Village, go figure. The best place to farm them is where you can see the blue circle on my map. They are 37-38 over here meaning they will be pretty darn easy to kill. Once you complete this quest you will be able to return to town and get your 1million XP and nifty DP ability.


While running Mist Mane I was trying to think of some other way possible to contribute to this guide. So I came up with the idea to make some Videos! These videos aren't anything special and are more or less just to demonstrate what Mist Mane looks like and is about. These videos do not show or demonstrate any specific quest strategy, although it is possible that you could use them as a video guide of how to navigate the village.

Mist Mane Village Grind Part 1

Mist Mane Village Grind Part 2