Asmodian Leveling Guide 16 - 18 Griblade Crater Lake

When you leave following the road south out of Basfelt Village you will find many neutral Spriggs. Further along the path you will run into Vovetirn who will have a quest for you and also a quest for you turn in.

Griblade Canyon

You will need to kill the Spriggs around the quest giver as well as the Ampha's for both of these quests. Once you collect all Glowing Mushroom5 Glowing Mushrooms as well as all Ampha Membrane3 Ampha Membranes return to Vovetirn and turn in your quest. Accept the new quest and then continue down the path killing Spriggs as you go.

You will eventually reach a caravan with 3 different NPC's standing around it. Viel will have a quest for you that requires you to gather Kandula. Your gathering skill will be required to be at least 45 in order to Gather the KandulaKandula. Worse comes to worse you can increase your skill from the Iron DepositIron Deposits around the lake. After you get that quest head to the northeastern section of the lake.

Spriggs Location

Here you will find 3 Spriggs all 3 of them have quests for you. Accept all of the quests and return to the lake. Now at the lake you will need to kill 5 Green Ribbits and 5 Star Metal Ksellids. You will also need to collect the Gerger Insignia. The Insignia can be found just south of the village with the 3 spriggs near the small waterfall.

Flag Box

Flag BoxLocation of Flag Box

After you've killed all the Ribbits and Ksellids that you need return to the Spriggs and turn in your quests. Accept the new quests they have and return to the NPC that gave you the quest to collect KandulaKandula. There is a Shugo nammed Gogaerunerk on the opposite side of the wagon, speak with him and refresh your quest.

Now return to the Sprigg camp and turn in your quest. Ignore the next quest, it can only be done at night and is quite annoying. Now if you where able to collect all Kandula15 Kandula return to Viel and turn in your quest. Now for the annoying part. At this lake grind on the mobs until you're level 17. Once you're level 17 continue east to Traders Berth. Turn in your quests here and grab any new ones.

Just south of town you will want to kill 3 Crimsontail Amphas and the Angolems for Angolem Crystal5 Angolem Crystals. The Angolems can only be found really close to town, after you get all Angolem Crystal5 Angolem Crystals you will want to continue following the path south. Kill the peckus as you go as well as any remaining Crimsontail Amphas.

Bone of Minusha Location

The area you will want to kill your way to is the "X" on my map. Here you will want to right click the Bone of Minusha. This will summon Minusha's Spirit whom you will need to kill. After you've killed the Spirit and completed your other quests to kill the Peckus, Angolems and Ampha's you will want to return to town and turn in all of your quests.

Now you will want to grind on the Pecku's and other creatures in the area until level 18. Once you reach level 18 you will want to head east to the Impetusium.


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