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Asmodian Leveling Guide 15 - 16 Mosbear Habitat

At the Mosbear Habitat you will want to find Kaibech and his pet or friend Mantigar. Look at my map for the X and blue circle. Once you find him you will want to turn in your quest and accept the quests here.

Mosbear Habitat Location

You will want to head a tad west and kill 3 Bigfoot Mosbears and 3 Crested Plumas. When you're done return to the two NPCs and turn in your quests. Accept the new quest to kill 5 Nimble Arachnas. Also while killing these Nimble Arachnas make sure you loot Arachna Poison Sac3 Arachna Poison Sacs. When you're done both quests return to the NPCs and turn in your quest.

After you complete those quests you will want to collect Beehive9 Beehives. They can be found all around the ground in the Mosbear Habitat. Below is a picture of one of them:


Once you've collect all 9 of the Beehives that you need you will want to work your way out of the Mosbear Habitat and back towards where you came in. On your way out be sure to kill 5 of either Starves Mosbears or Fierce Mosbears. After you've completed all of your quests for the Mosbear Habitat you will want to head west to the Lepharist Revolutionaries Den.

Lepharist Den

Here you will need to head inside the Lepharist Revolutionaries Den and kill 5 Grave Robbing Sentries, 5 Grave Robbing Fencers and kill Comrade Sumarhon. Comrade Sumarhon can be found up on the second floor inside the cave. After you complete your quest here return to town and refresh your supply of quests. Now what you will want to do is head back to MuMu Village from town. This time around you will need to poison the water supply for the quest "Fear This".

NOTE: If you're far from 16 or feel like completing your "Making a New Start" quest, now is the time.

After you've poisoned the water supply use your return ability to return to town. Turn in your quest to the leader of the town and that should ding you level 16. Now would be a good time to return to Pandemonium and buy your new skills. Whatever you choose to do you will want to follow the path south of Basfelt Village when you're done.

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