Elyos Leveling Guide 25 - 27 (Outside The Abyss)

So you don't feel like getting ganked in The Abyss or the pure ownage is just too much for you? Well good thing I've created a guide specifically for you! This guide will help you level up outside of The Abyss. First up, head to Eltnen and then run south towards Outpost Ruins. You will find a little Kiosk on your way down with an Obelisk and a set of quests.

Outreach Point

You will want to set your Return point at the Obelisk here and pick up all the quests. The quests you will get are "Killing Crestliches" , "Spiner Pincers" and "[Spy] Message to a Spy". I never do any of these quests, but if you want to you can. The easiest one and the only one worth it to do is "Spiner Pincers". The Snapping Spinners are all relatively close and easy to kill.

Snapping Spiner

The real reason I brought you down here is to grind. This area is one of the best places to grind from 25 - 27. Just south of the Kiosk you will find Ancient Caryatid's. These are level 27 mobs that can easily be killed.

Ancient Caryatid

This camp will take you all the way to level 27. The main upside is if you get ganked or if something goes wrong you're bound at an Obelisk 15 feet away. The main downside is there is no vendor at this small camp.

When you reach level 27 you will want to continue southeast to the Drake Habitat. Here you will find level 28 and 29 Drakes to grind on.

Drake Habitat

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