Elyos Leveling Guide 27 - 30

As said before, when you reach level 27 the next place you will want to go is the Drake Habitat. The Drake Habitat has level 27 and 28 drakes that will take you all the way up to level 30. The only downside of this area is it can get a bit overcrowded.

Fierce Drake

If you're able to handle level 30 drakes at etheir 28 or 29 you can head across the road and kill the level 30 ones that usually aren't as popularly camped. Below is a picture showing you the two different areas. The blue circle is the lower level drakes and the red circle is the higher level drakes.

Drake Habitat

Since both of these areas can become very overcrowded I've decided to put an alternate area right below. Granted this alternate area isn't the best and I recommend going to The Abyss to level before using it, here it is.

Outpost Ruins

Over here you will find level 27 - 29 mobs. They are pretty spread out so they don't have much of a chance to agro you. Also unlike the Drake Habitat not many people are usually over here. When you hit level 30 you will want to head south to Agairon Village.

Agarion Village

This village will have a flightmaster that will take you back to Eltnen. Once you're in Eltnen you will want to Teleport to Heiron. Heiron is the next place you will want to level.

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