Asmodian Leveling Guide

When you first enter the game, accept the quest from Asak. He is a little bit to the right of you. He will give you the quest "Loyalty Of The Raiders".


Once you've accepted the quest from Asak head north to Vandarnt and turn in "Loyalty Of The Raiders". Also accept "The Spriggs' Revenge".


This quest requires you to kill 4 Sprigg Workers. You can find the Sprigg Workers east of Vandarnt.

Sprigg Worker

Kill 4 of the Sprigg Workers, when you're done return to Vandarnt and turn in your quest. Accept the follow up quest, "The Sprigg Report". Now if you haven't changed your key bindings, press "J" To bring up your quest log. Click on the Standard Tab, then click "The Sprigg Report" quest.

Quest Tracker

This will cause a new window to the right to open up. This is your Quest Log Window. Green Text will tell you your objective and the blue text will point out important locations. Click on the blue text to bring up an additional information box.


This box will tell you more about the person, place, or thing and also give you an option to Locate it. Click the locate button and an arrow on your mini map will appear, leading you to that person. Click Locate now.

Aldelle Basin

Your main map will appear, showing you where you can find Guheitun. Now follow the path north to reach him.

Guheitun and Vanar

When you arrive, turn in your quest to Guhenitun and accept the quest from Vanar. You'll now have the quest "For The Love Of Fruit". This quest requires you to head North of the camp to the Sprigg Encampment and collect 5 baskets of fruit.

Fruit Basket

You can find the Fruit Baskets lying on the ground all over the place in the small sprigg camp. It may take awhile if other players are here, just kill the Sprigg while you wait for them to spawn. Once you have all 5 baskets return to Vanar and turn in your quest. Now accept "Sight For Sore Eyes". Just south of the camp you will find the Highland Sparkle's.

Highland Sparkle

Kill the Highland Sparkle's until you have 3 Glowing Sphere. Once you have all 3 return to Vanar and turn in your quest. Accept the new quest from Vanar and you should also just of turned level 3. When you turn level 3 a new quest will appear in your log, to turn in at the next village. Follow the road southwest until you reach Aldelle Village.

Aldelle Village

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