Asmodian Leveling Guide 34 - 37

When you reach level 34 it is finally time to leave your Mosbear home and head further south to right below where it says Besfer Ghost Village. Here you will find Undead that are levels 35 and 36. You will also find some karnifs that are level 35, but you'll mostly be killing the undead.

Besfer Ghost Village

Aion Leveling Video:

You will want to kill the Undead down here until level 35. Once you hit level 35 you will want to head further east down the path. When you get under where it says "Village" in Besfer Ghost Village you will see level 37 & 36 Undead. You can grind the level 36 Undead here and the level 36 Elementals for something different.

NOTE: Here you will have to watch out for one type of mob, Fierce Undead Worg. This mob casts a Remove HP Ability that literally removes your HP. Luckily their aren't many around.

Once you reach level 36 you will want to head slightly further east to the higher level Undead. If you're tired of Undead you can always head across the path to the Ice Elementals. They're a nice alternative when it comes to grinding. These Undead and Elementals will take you to 37. No video for these guys are needed since they are literally right next door to the previous video.

Once you reach level 37 you will want to head northeast to the next town.

Refuge Camp

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