Asmodian Leveling Guide 29 - 34

When you reach level 29 you will want to head across the bridge away from town. Over here you will find level 30 and 31 mobs. This, will be your new home for the next level or two. You will be killing Gnarls, Monitors and Karnifs.

When you reach level 31 you will want to continue a bit closer to the bridge leading to the next area. Over around here you will find level 32 mobs which you will need to grind to level 32. The mobs on the other side of the bridge are still a bit to hard for you. No video is needed for this area since it is a arm throw away from where you were.

Once you reach level 32 you will want to head north to the Mosbear Snowfield. Up here you will find Mosbears and other assorted creatures for you to grind. This area is a pretty good place for you to grind for your level.

Mosbear Snowfield

Two things are worth killing up here. The Mosbears and the Kirin. The other mobs heal themselves when they get low HP and also call for help making them a bad idea for grinding. I prefer following the wall down from where I am to where we came in. You will find nothing but Kirin along this path. They seem to be easier to kill then the Mosbears if you're a melee damage dealer.

NOTE: If you even bothered to grab some quests in town the Sprigg just south of you Gark has quests that aren't half bad.

You will want to grind the Mosbears and Kirin until level 34. Once you reach level 34 it will be time to continue to the next area.

NOTE: Grinding can get boring, for obvious reasons. If you get bored you can always do the quests in the Beluslan Fortress. It will slow you down, but at least give you something to do in the mean time.

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