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Making Money through Alchemy

           As many of you may have already known Alchemy is one of the best professions to make extra gold from. Not only will you make gold from making potions, elixirs, flasks, transmutes but when you specialize in a specific type of Alchemy you could double or even triple your original profits. You need to keep in mind though that when going for money through Alchemy you will not see immediate profit. Supply and demand heavily applies to Alchemy, moreso than a lot of other professions.

           It would help you in making a lot of money through Alchemy if you knew certain things about your server, like what days all of the guilds raided and their flask/potion requirements. If you know say a top guild on your server is struggling on a boss and they raid at 7 on friday nights then stock and camp the auction house with Healing/Mana potions from noon until their raid starts. Throughout the day their members will log on and scoop up all the potions they need for that nights raid if they haven't done so already earlier in the week.

           Note that you can make 3-4 different types of potions and then you'll make a much larger profit, but you will still have to wait for them sell. As far as my Alchemy guides go, I am going to break it down into multiple sections, each will be sepearted depending on what your Alchemy specialty is.

Potion Mastery

Mythical Mana Potion

Earthen Potion

Volcanic Potion

Potion of the Tol'vir

Golemblood Potion

Elixir/Flask Mastery

Flask of the Winds

Flask of Titanic Strength

Flask of the Draconic Mind

Flask of Flowing Water

Flask of Steelskin

Transmutation Mastery


Transmute: Living Elements





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