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Skinning Locations in Northrend

           Northrend is chok' full of different locations for you to skin animals. Of course some locations are better than the other, which is what I'm going to help you with here. In Northrend you can go for a varity of different things in Skinning, say you don't really care about Borean Leather but want Nerubian Chitin instead. Or say you are really itching for some Jormungar scales. Either way, whatever you want to farm can be found on this page.

           Something to keep in mind is that I won't be skinning in every single video. There was no point in going back and making another 10 videos specifically for this page with skinning when I have the video demonstration the location, ease of farming and mob numbers.

Farming Rhino Meat and Skinning the Rhinos in Storm Peaks

           Rhino Meat is one of the best selling meats in WoTLK. Rhino Meat is used in making Rhino Dogs which are needed for one of the Cooking Dailies available to you in Dalaran. Rhino Meat is also used in a few different recipes for cooking, which people will want specifically for getting the Northrend Gourmet achievement. The best place to farm for Rhino Meat, as seen above is in Storm Peaks right around the central ring. On average you'll get about five to six stacks of meat from farming here every hour, netting you 250g or more. If you have skinning you can easily double your profits.

Farming Rhino Meat and Skinning the Rhinos in Borean Tundra

           Another great spot for you to farm for Rhino Meat is in Borean Tundra. It is very commonly argued which place is better, Borean Tundra since there are a ton more Rhinos or Stormpeaks, since they have a higher drop rate. The decision is up to you, obviously if you're an AoE class you'd probably benefit more from the Rhinos in Borean then you would from the Rhinos in Stormpeaks. Either way if you want some Rhino Meat, you won't be dissapointed.

Zul'drak Skinning Location - Nerubian Chitin

           Another great spot for skinning is the Hath'ar Skimmer's in Zul'Drak. They drop Iceweb Spider Silk and you can skin them for Borean Leather, Nerubian Chitin and Artic Fur. You can sell the Artic Fur for 30-45g each in the AH, Nerubian Chiting for 2-3g each and Borean Leather for 5-12g a stack depending on your server.

Mammoth Farming in Sholazar Basin

           This is the best place in the game for you to farm Mammoth Meat for making Great Feasts and other Cooking goodies. This is also an excellent place for you to skin a lot of Mammoths for Borean Leather. The Mammoth Meat you farm here can be sold alone on the AH or you can cook it up and into a Great Feast and sell it that way. If you need an exact pin point on this location, take a look at the begining of the video for my location on the map.

Jormungar Scales and Worm Meat Farming In Storm Peaks

           This is the best location in the game for you to farm for Worm Meat and one of the locations with the highest Jormungar Scale drop rates. The Worm Meat you farm herecan be sold alone or can be made into Great Feasts and sold as a whole package. One thing you should keep in mind for this location (as seen in the video) is the wolves. It's important that you focus on them and kill them first. Otherwise you may run into a problem, them stealing credit for your Jourmungar. For the exact location of this area, take a look at the location on the map in the begining of the video.

Borean Leather and Shoveltusk Flank Farming

           These are by far the best locations for you to farm for Shoveltusk Flanks in the game. You will find a ton of Shoveltusks around here clumpted together in nice packs for you to AoE. The Shoveltusk Flanks that you get can be combined into making Great Feasts or sold Individually, depending on what you want to do. If you're a skinner you will be able to make even more profit from the Shoveltusks. The Shoveltusks won't give you the best Leather you can get in the game but when you're killing the sheer masses of Shoveltusks in Howling Fjord you'll get a lot of leather.

Rugged Leather Farming Location and Azure Whelpling

           The Dragonkin in Azshara have a chance to drop an Azure Whelpling, which is an out of combat vanity pet. This pet is worth a ton to the right player, but is very, very rare. Unlike the other Dragonkin, these guys are elite. Which is both good and bad. Bad if you're a lower level player looking to farm here and good if you're a higher level player with skinning.

           I actually don't recommend farming in this area at all without skinning since most of your money here will come from that. Belive it or not Rugged Leather still has it's uses. Certain quests and raising certain tradeskills requires it. This makes it retain it's value over time. Also if you get a Azure Whelpling While Farming here, well then it is like a jackpot!

More information on the Azure Whelpling Farming Location can be found by following this link.

Gun'drak Raptor Farming

           There are Raptor spawns all around Gundrak which is in northeast Zul'drak. These raptors have a chance to drop a rare vanity pet called the Gundrak Hatchling. This pet doesn't have a very high chance of dropping, but if you manage to get one the time you spent here will cash out, so to speak. I really only recommend this farming location to players with skinning, since they will make the most profit off of killing mobs here.

           This area can become over crowded depending on what time of day it is. Also traffic through this area is pretty common since it is so close to Gundrak. There will be some competition here, but not at all times and not so much that the location isn't worth it. If you're wondering how much the raptor sells for. I usually see it go for 1-2k depending on who is buying.

More information on the Gun'drak Raptor Farming Location can be found by following this link.





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