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Azure Whelpling Farming Location

Average Gold Per Hour: 100
Level Recommended: 75+
Rating: (For that level) 6/10

           The dragonkin in Azshara have a chance to drop an Azure Whelpling, which is an out of combat vanity pet. You know, those things you see following all your friends and guildies around on raids. The Azure Whelpling is worth a ton of money if you find the right person looking to buy it, but it is a very, very rare drop. Unlike the other pet whelps you can find, this is the only whelpling that will require you to farm elite dragonkin in order to see the drop. This is both good and bad. Bad because if you're a lower level player it will be too hard to farm here, even around level 60 it may still be difficult.

           The good news is if you're a high level player this place will be a breeze for you to farm. Also, if you're a skinner you will find mass amounts of Rugged Leather and Thick Leather from the dragonkin. As either faction Rugged Leather will net you quite a bit on the Auction House, usually anywhere from one to five gold per piece! If you're Horde then you will probably be able to get more for Rugged Leather since it is used in the Venomhide Ravasaur quest line in Un'goro Crater.

Azure Whelpling

           As far as farming the Azure Whelpling goes, I actually do not recommend that you farm in this area at all without skinning. The reasoning for this is because mostly all of your money from farming here will come from the Rugged Leather or Thick Leather, unless of course you actually find the whelpling. As far as vendoring goes, if you need to vendor both Horde and Alliance have vendors in this zone and nearby too. Below is a picture to show you the two locations you can find vendors in Azshara.

Azure Whelpling Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Rugged Leather (Skinning)

Worn Dragonscale (Skinning)

Thick Leather (Skinning)

Azure WhelplingAzure Whelpling

Grey Items

Green Items to disenchant





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