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Wool Cloth Farming Locations

           Wool Cloth is notorious for being one of the hardest cloth's to gather. Since it only drops off of mobs in their 20s and players generally breeze through that level bracket you can imagine how scarce wool is. The best places to farm Wool Cloth are through instances that players run during that level bracket. However, lower level players obviously won't be able to breeze through those instances so I've broken it down into two different parts. First though, I will list the good instances for farming Wool Cloth.

Wool Cloth Instance Farming Guides:

The Stockades
- On average 3 - 4 stacks of Wool per run

Shadowfang Keep
- On average 3 - 4 stacks of Wool per run

           Those are the good instances to farm for Wool Cloth, but there are more than just those to get Wool. Below are the few locations you can get it outside of instances and without having to worry about killing elites. The locations below are much more appropriate for players around the level of Wool Cloth. (In their 20's)

Wool Cloth Farming Guides:

Thistlefur Furbolgs in Ashenvale (Both Factions)

Worgen in Duskwood (Alliance)

Ogres in Duskwood (Alliance)

Worgen in Hillsbrad Foothills (Horde)

Mudsnout Gnolls in Hillsbrad (Horde)

Dragonmaw Camp in the Wetlands (Alliance)

Kurzen's Compound in Northern Stranglethorn (Both Factions)



























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