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Professions Achievement Guides

Skills To Pay The BillsSkills To Pay The Bills: Train Cooking, Fishing and First Aid to Grand Master. Your skill is required to be at least 350 before you can train Grandmaster.

Professional GrandmasterProfessional Grandmaster: Train one Primary Profession up to Grand Master. You can Train it up to Grandmaster at 350.

Working Day and NightWorking Day and Night: Train two Profession to Grand Master. Secondary Professions don't count. You can train your profession up to Grand Master starting at 350.

World of Warcraft Profession Guides

Professional Illustrious Grand MasterProfessional Illustrious Grand Master: Obtain 525 Skill Points in a single Profession.

Working Around the ClockWorking Around the Clock: Obtain 525 Skill Points in two Professions.

World of Warcraft Profession Guides

More Skills to Pay the BillsMore Skills to Pay the Bills: Obtain 525 Skill Points in fishing, first aid, cooking and archaeology.

World of Warcraft Profession Guides





























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