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Zelda A Link to the Past - Game Genie & Pro Action Replay Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Zelda: A Link to the past. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Game Genie Codes

           These codes will grant you an item within the game, the item you get determines on the code you enter. These codes can be used with Game Genie - if you want Action Replay Codes they can be found further down the page or in my Action Replay Codes section.

Instantly healed for the damage you take: AE6E - DF2A

Dash Instantly with Pegasus Boots: 45B8-D49A

Disable Pegasus Boot's Dash: 55B8-D49A

Items still cost Rupees but you don't spend them when buying an item: AEEC-A586

Enemies Pass Through you: 7E037B01
You may have to disable this code on certain puzzles if you're having issues.

Link is always full health (20 Hearts): 7EF36DA0

Treasure Chests are restocked after zoning: 7E040300

Faster Movement: 7E005E10

Always have 50 Bombs: 7EF34332

Unlimited Bombs: AE67-0D30

Unlimited Magic:


Pro Action Replay Codes

           These codes will grant you an item within the game, the item you get determines on the code you enter. I have seperated the Item codes and the other codes on this page since these codes can only be used with Pro Action Replay. The codes that can be used with Game Genie are above.

Pegasus Boots: 7EF35501

Cane of Somaria: 7EF35001

Cane of Byma: 7EF35101

Magic Cape: 7EF35201

Ice Rod: 7EF34601

Fire Rod: 7EF34501

Hookshot: 7EF34201

Bow: 7EF34001

Bombos Medallion: 7EF34701

Ether Medallion: 7EF34801

Quake Medallion: 7EF34901

Power Glove: 7EF35401

Zora's Flipper: 7EF35601

Moon Pearl: 7EF35701

Pendant of Wisdom: 7EF37401

Pendant of Power: 7EF37402

Pendant of Courage: 7EF37404

Have all pendants: 7EF37407

Titan's Mitt: 7EF35402

Bow and Silver Arrows: 7EF34004

Magic Mirror: 7EF35302

Infinite Rupees:


Infinite Small Keys: 7EF36F09

Dark Room torches are lit: 7E045A03

Master Sword (Using this before taking Zelda to the Sanctuary may cause glitches): 7EF35902

Tempered Sword: 7EF35903

Golden Sword: 7EF35904

Red Shield: 7EF35A02

Mirror Shield: 7EF35A03

Blue Mail: 7EF35B01

Red Mail: 7EF35B02

Infinite Magic: 7EF36E80

Wear Magic Cape Without draining Magic: 7E005501

Always have 10 full hearts: 7EF36D50

Always have 70 Arrows: 7EF37746


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