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Classic Leveling Guide - Rathe Mountains

The blue circle on my map is what's known as the "Hill Giant hill" in Rathe Mountains. You'll find Hill Giants, Large Skeletons and Cyclops all around this hill top which make it a prime camping/killing location for those in search of large plat drops. It will most likely be extremely camped during prime time hours and especially on weekends. If you would like a longer write up on this location check out my Hill Giants Farming Guide.


Random Tip: If you are an Enchanter and want to make some extra cash, head over to Rathe and offer to buff people with Clarity for 20pp each. Trust me, they will jump on your offer. After you've buffed them, while you're waiting for the buffs to fade run around and collect all the loot no one wants and sell it.

Items Of Interest in Rathe:

Fine Steel Weapons

Some Valueable Gems

Other Vendorable Goodies


Additional Zone Information

Rathe Mountains Allakhazam Zone Information

Rathe Mountains P99 Zone Information (Will be out of date on some things)

































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