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Classic Leveling Guide - Feerrott

The Feerrott

Low level Ogres will want to stay on the same side of the zone as the Innothule Swamp zoneline and Oggok. This is your noobie yard for 1 - 5.

Once you get to level 5 (I don't know this noob zone well enough to give more advice)


Random Tip: In the far southwest of the zone by the entrance of Plane of Fear you'll find a bunch of really high level Spectres. The reason I am mentioning these guys is because they are great for solo classes 40+ who would like some place to go that isn't crowded. Feerrott may sometimes get a Pick zone if a lot of noobs are leveling which would give you a private place to level.

Feerrott Allakhazam Zone Information

Feerrott P99 Zone Information


7/2/17 - I honestly do not know much about this zone so this page won't be very descriptive or informative. If you have any information about this zone you'd be willing to share with me please post it in the comments section below. Nameds, camp locations, important and useful quests that take place here... Anything useful that you know.

































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