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Plane of Innovation - PoP Leveling Guide

           The Plane of Innovation is one of the first zones you get access to in the Planes of Power expansion. Much like Plane of Justice (PoJ) you have access to this zone immediately after entering Plane of Tranquility at level 46. From my personal experience hunting here the mobs are slightly more powerful than what you encounter in PoJ.

           There's multiple places for you to hunt in PoI, most groups end up camping the entrance area and pulling to the zone line. Others find themselves constantly moving around or making camp in one of the wider more open areas north of where you enter the zone from. One of the big issues with PoI is the pathing. You'll notice this almost immediately upon hunting here - the mobs have a tendancy to run back and forth a lot when pulled and it makes pulling them long distances almost impossible.

           Depending on your level and whether or not you're a boxer determines where you'll want to hunt at in PoJ. Stay near the entrance if you're in your lower 50s and/or don't have a full group. In the northern maze like portion of PoJ shown in my map above you'll sometimes find a raid boss, Junk Beast or Manaetic Behemoth roaming about. This is the main reason I don't recommend you wander around too much unless you really know what you're doing.

Here are a few of the named enemies that you'll come across in PoI:

a corroded Prototype

Junk Beast

Manaetic Behemoth

           There isn't much good named loot in PoJ if we're being honest. Most of the worthwhile loot that you get from hunting here drops off the regular enemies in the form of Tinkering Tradeskill materials as well as an assortment of quest items that drop here. The pages of Dark Power are one of them and a few more can be found mentioned below.

Bundle of Super Conductive Wires - This item is used in two quests, one for mediocre cloak and the other for other Miscellaneous items. To see the Cloak quest click here. To see the other quest click here.

Cohesion Gem - This is part of the Wizard 1.5 Epic and another quest in PoK that awards a mage spell. To see the Wizard epic quest click here. To see the quest for the Mage spell click here.

Mechanical Clockwork Venom - Used to be used into Alternate Plane of Torment access, since all flags where removed this quest is obsolete, but can still be completed. To view this quest click here.

           That's really all I can think of to share about this zone. I always see a lot of people coming here but it's not one of my favorites... I feel the enemies are far too challenging for the amount of small amount of EXP and lackluster loot that they drop. Those of you out there looking to raise Tinkering though.... Well this spot is kinda a requirement for farming materials for quite awhile.

Additional Information

- You can reach Plane of Innovation by clicking the gear that isn't rotating inside the large tower on the Plane of Tranquility beach. Follow the link for more information.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

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