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Raising Herbalism in Zangarmarsh

           Raising Herbalism in Zangarmarsh will be a breeze if you decide to kill the Withered Giants and Bog Lords. After each of these mobs die you will be able to herbalize their bodies. You won’t get skill ups as fast as you normally would, from say, gathering flowers but you’ll have almost an infinite amount of “nodes” around, so to speak. This will be the fastest way for you to raise your Herbalism skill and the only downside to it is you won’t be making a lot of money while raising it.

           Since almost everything you will get from Herbalizing the mobs will be vendor trash you will be losing all that income from the herbs. But, of course, if you’re not looking for any of that money and just want the skill ups than look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Now, there are three different locations you will be able to Herbalize the mobs at in Zangarmarsh, one of them is far to the north, the other far to the south and the final one far to the west.

           The Dead Mire, far to the north, is the most common place for using this method to skill up. Here you will find an abundance of Bog Lords as well as a few herb nodes themselves. Depending on your level it probably won’t take any more than 20 minutes to skill up your Herbalism to what you need it at.  The next place you can kill the Bog Giants and Herbalize their bodies is Quagg Ridge.

           Quagg Ridge is just below Zabra’Jin and has slightly less mobs to herbalize than The Dead Mire.  As with The Dead Mire you will also find an occasional herb in the area for you to pick as well as being able to herbalize each of the mobs dead bodies. The main downside to Quagg Ridge is the fact that the mobs will spawn mushrooms as you’re killing them. These mushrooms will tick for AoE damage and will interrupt your herbalizing on the mobs bodies. It is a pain in the ass, but none the less you can herbalize here if you want too.

The third and final location that you can go to is The Spawning Glen.

           The Spawning Glen will have the highest level Bog Lords as well as the most Bog Lords and is arguably better than The Dead Mire.  However, of course the option is up to you on where you’d like to farm the mobs. I do highly recommend that you come to either The Spawning Glen or The Dead Mire over Quagg Ridge though. Quagg Ridge I mainly documented just so you know it exists and is another location you can possibly visit.

Additional Note: Another plus side to leveling up Herbalism this way is when killing the Bog Lords you will get Sporeggar repuation.





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