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World of Warcraft Lockpicking Profession Guide

           Lockpicking is the only Tradeskill exclusive to one class, the rogue. With Lockpicking you will be able to open locked doors and chests for yourself and other players. Lockpicking is a great way to make extra cash, expecially if you can advertise your services with another tradeskill like Enchanting.

Lockpicking 1 - 100

Horde: [Buccaneer's Strongbox]

Alliance: [Practice Lockbox]

Lockpicking 100 - 170

Horde: [Gallywix's Lockbox] (No longer possible & Out of date)

Alliance: [Duskwood Chest]

Lockpicking 170 - 225

Angor Fortress in Badlands [Battered Footlocker] until 175 then [Dented Footlocker] until 225.

Lockpicking 225 - 250

Next place is the tunnels throughout Searing Gorge. Pick the Dented Footlockers from here.

[Dented Footlocker]
[Sturdy Junkboxes]

Lockpicking 250 - 300

Tyr's hand is the next best spot. Pick the [Scarlet Footlockers] here until 300

Lockpicking 300 - 325

Next best spot is the Wicker Chests in Zangarmarsh. You can also pick pocket the mobs here for Strong Junkboxes.

[Wicker Chest]

Lockpicking 325 - 375

These footlockers in Nagrand are your best bet until 375. You can also pickpocket the mobs here and pick their boxes.

[Dented Footlocker]

Lockpicking 375 +

Pick pocket the mobs in Northrend for their [Reinforced Junkboxes].





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