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World of Warcraft Fishing Profession Guide

           Fishing is the hardest tradeskill to raise in this game. It's massively boring, time consuming and doesn't generate much cash. I highly recommend that you stock pile a lot of CD's before you even think about busting out your fishing rod. The fish you catch are used in Cooking to create stat food for you and others, also there are many Fishing related achivements.

Fishing 1 - 300

           When you first start out with your skill at 1, find the nearest pond and fish till 75. Once you hit 75 grab a Fishing Pole and head to the barrens. Here you will want to go into the cave, where Wailing Caverns is and fish in here to catch Deviate Fish. These will generate you a lot of cash, or allow you infinite transformations into Ninja's and Pirates.

Fishing 300 - 450

Once you reach 300 in fishing head to Outlands and skill up to 375. Once you hit 375 go to Northrend and skill up till 450.































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