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Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide

           To raise your Throium Brotherhood reputation you will need to collect a certain amount of a specific item, all of these items are found further down on the page with a list telling you exactly how many you will need for exalted. In addition you can also do the quests at the quest hub for the Thorium Brotherhood in Searing Gorge to almost fully complete Neutral. The quest hub, also known as Thorium Point can be found in Northern Searing Gorge.

           By doing all of the quests available to you from Thorium Brotherhood you will get roughly 2000/3000 through Neutral. Items you can collect and turn in for reputation are below.

Neutral to Friendly

Turn in Incendosaur Scales + Coal and either Heavy Leather, Iron Bars or Kingsblood.

           Depending on what of the 3 "extra" items you do here will determine how much you will need. By default you will need 240 Incendosaur scales and 120 Coal. For the extra items, 1200 Heavy Leather, 480 Kingsblood or 480 Iron Bars. Heavy Leather and Kingsblood are usually the easiest to do this with.

Friendly to Honored

Turn in Dark Iron Residue

           Dark Iron Residue drops from trash mobs all over BRD. This crap is very easy to get and you will only need 960 in order to go from Friendly to Honored. It will take roughly 3-4 BRD runs depending on how much you clear.

Honored To Exalted

Turn in Dark Iron Ore, Core Leather, Fiery Cores, Lava Cores or Blood of the Mountain.

           Dark Iron ore can be mined up from Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, BRD and MC. Blood of the Mountain is a rare gem drop from Dark Iron Nodes. The other 3 tiems, Core Leather, Fiery Cores and Lava Cores all come from Molten Core. Fiery and Lava Cores are random drops off Trash in MC and Core Leather can be skinned from the Core Hounds.

           All of these items get turned into Lokhtos Darkbargainer in BRD. He is located in the Bar section of BRD. All of the items to take you from Honored to Exalted are listed below, with how much you need, how many are required for a turn in and how much rep they give.

Dark Iron Ore

x10 = 1 Turn in
75 Reputation per turn in, unless you're human
6600 Ore to go from Honored to Exalted

Core Leather

x2 = 1 Turn in
375 Reputation per turn in, unless you're human
348 Core Leather to go from Honored to Exalted

Fiery Core, Lava Core, Blood of the Mountain

x1 = 1 Turn in
500 Reputation per turn in, unless you're human
66 Cores or Blood of the Mountains from Honored to Exalted

           The Fiery Cores, Lava Cores and Blood of the Mountain is the easiest way to go from Honored To Exalted. Grab a friend or two and clear MC, you shouldn't have to much of a problem with getting the items.










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