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           Therazane is most likely the second faction you will encounter in Cataclysm. The main hub for this faction is located in Deepholm which is a level 82 - 84 zone. There are two ways for players to raise their reputation with this faction. One includes wearing their tabard while running normal dungeons or heroics and the second is completing any of the ten daily quests available to you from their hub in northern Deepholm. If you need help finding Therazane's main quest hub take a look at my picture below.

Below is a list of all the daily quests you can do for Therazane.

Beneath the Surface


Collect a Ruby Crystal Cluster

           The Ruby Crystal Clusters can be found at the end of the dead end tunnels inside the Crumbling Depths, just south of Therazane's Throne. Clicking on them will spawn an Enormous Gyreworm which will drop the quest item when it is killed.

Fear of Boring

Kill 10 Gyreworms

           Gyreworms can be found inside the tunnels of the Crumbling Depths and outside as well.

Fungal Fury

Destroy 10 Freshly Sprouted Mushrooms.

           The Freshly Sprouted Mushrooms you need to destroy for this quest can be found southeast of Therazane's Throne in the Crimson Expanse.

Glop, Son of Glop

Speak with Earthmender Norsala and kill Fungalmancer Glop.

           You probably remember doing this quest while you were leveling through Deepholm. It is fairly easy, all you have to do is speak with Earthmender Norsala slightly in the cave of Fungal Deep (just south of Verlok Stand). After you talk to her follow Fungalmancer Glop around the cave and attack him until he is dead. Note that if you don't get hit by any of his Boomshrooms during this quest you will get an achievement.

Lost In The Deeps

Escort Pebble to Safety.

           This is by far the most annoying of the Therazane dailies. It requires you to go into the Crumbling Deeps, find Pebble and escort him out to safety. You have to avoid the giant worm that "Swims" around in these caverns otherwise he will eat you and Pebble will despawn. If Pebble despawns on you exit the cave to reset his position. Good luck!


Collect 10 Painite Motes

           The Painite Motes you need for this quest can be found within the Crumbling Deeps.

Soft Rock

Kill 8 Fungal Behemoths

           You will find the Fungal Behemoths that you need to kill all over the Fungal Expanse southeast of Therazane's Throne.

The Restless Brood

Pale Resonating Crystal Struck and Aeosera slain.

           To the west of Therazane's Throne is where you have to do this quest. You should remember doing it from when you were leveling up in Deepholm, if not, it is fairly easy. What you need to do is strike the Resonating Crystal then jump up on the rocks up in the air until you reach Aeosera. Once you reach Aeosera you'll need to attack her until she almost destroys the rock you're on. When it is almost destroyed you will need to jump to another nearby rock. Rinse and repeat until she is dead.

Through Persistence

Collect a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow

           For this quest you will need to kill the Verloks in the Fungal Expanse southeast of Therazane's Throne.

Underground Economy

Use Ricket's Tickers to gather 3 Deep Alabaster Crystals, 3 Deep Celestite Crystals, 3 Deep Amethyst Crystals and 3 Deep Garget Crystals.

           In order to collect the crystals you will need to use the bomb you're given with the quest on them within the Crumbling Deeps. The blue and purple crystals are easy to find. The white crystals can be found in the cave with a lot of underground worms to the left and the red crystals can be found on the opposite side of the white crystals by the named spider.

Therazane Achievements:

TherazaneTherazane: Earn exalted status with Therazane. The Therazane Reputation's quest hub is in Deepholm which is where you will find all of the daily quests for raising this faction. If you're interested in seeing a detailed guide on each of these daily quests check out my Therazane Reputation Guide!





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