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Baradin's Wardens Reputation Guide

           Baradin's Wardens is the new Horde "Wintergrasp" faction of Cataclysm. The main hub for this faction is located at Tol Barad Penninsula in Eastern Kingdoms. There are more than a dozen different dailies available to you from this faction but you can't get all of them in one day. Throughout the week the NPCs and daily quests will alternate in both Tol Barad and Tol Barad Penninsula. Actually, after every battle (if your faction controls Tol Barad) the NPCs have a chance to change, meaning the daily quests available to you have a chance to change.

           Doing these daily quests will reward you will Tol Barad Commedations which you can use to buy rewards from your factions Tol Barad Quartermaster. Along with the Tol Barad Commedations you will also need to have the required faction in order to purchase the reward. To seperate everything and make it easier to understand I am going to group the dailies based on where they are located in both Tol Barad and Tol Barad Penninsula.

Baradin's Wardens Rep Guide - Tol Barad Penninsula Dailies

The Darkwood Dailies

A Sticky Task

Collect 4 Sticky Silk Glands from Darkwood Broodmother spiders in The Darkwood

For this daily quest you will need to kill Darkwood Broodmothers (The giant spiders in the holes all over The Darkwood) for 4 Sticky Silk Glands. The most annoying part of this daily quest is when you bring the Darkwood Broodmothers down to around 20% they will run away from you and stealth nearby. Then they will return to attack you in a few seconds.

Thinning the Brood

Kill 12 Darkwood Lurkers in The Darkwood

This daily quests requires you to kill 12 Darkwood Lurkers (The smaller spiders all around the holes of The Darkwood)

Largo's Overlook Dailies


Collect 4 Stacks of Cannonballs at Largo's Overlook

This is a pretty simplistic daily quest. All you need to do is go to Largo's Overlook in eastern Tol Barad Penninsula and collect 4 Stacks of Cannonballs. Each stack of Cannonballs you find has a chance to give you one or two Cannonball stacks.


Kill 14 Largo's Overlook Ghosts at Largo's Overlook

In eastern Tol Barad Penninsula you will find Largo's Overlook. All over Largo's Overlook are ghosts. Kill 14 of any of the ghosts to complete this daily quest.

Taking the Overlook Back

Kill Commander Largo at Largo's Overlook

Commander Largo can be found in the keep at Largo's Overlook. The easiest way to get to him is mount up and run past all of the mobs on your way into the keep. Once you run up the stairs the mobs should de-agro you, giving you the freedom you need to take out Commander Largo. If you're worried about the mobs no de-agroing you when you run by feel free to kill them all on your way to the keep.

Rustberg Village Dailies

Not the Friendliest Town

Kill 14 Rustberg Village Residents in Rustberg Village

For this daily you will need to kill 14 Rustberg Village Residents in Rustberg Village. Pretty simple without much explanation needed.

Teach A Man To Fish.... Or Steal

Collect 22 Rustberg Seabass from Rustberg Village

On the far northern side of Rustberg Village you will find docks and, well, the ocean. Surrounding the docks both on land and sometimes on the docks you'll find fish hanging from racks, you will want to collect the fish from these until you have all 22 that you need. Note: The Rustberg Fisherman NPCs at the docks also have a chance to drop the Rustberg Seabass that you need for the quest.

Cape of Lost Hope Dailies

Boosting Morale

Collect 6 Barrels of Southsea Rum at the Cape of Lost Hope

In the waters of the Cape of Lost Hope you will find Barrels of Southsea Rum. The rum can be found scattered all over the ocean floor. This is a very easy daily quest, the only trouble you might run into is Tank the shark that swims around is an elite shark and will lay waste to you quickly if you bump into him.

Captain P. Harris

Kill Captain P. Harris at the Cape of Lost Hope

Out at the Cape of Lost Hope you will need to kill Captain P. Harris (Reference to Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie whom passed away, to those Deadliest Catch fans.) As with the other dailies out in these waters the main thing you will need to watch out for is Tank, the giant elite shark.

Rattling Their Cages

Kill 8 Shipwrecked Sailors at the Cape of Lost Hope

This is an extremely easy daily quest and the only one you won't even have to enter the water for at the Cape of Lost Hope. All you need to do is kill 8 of the Shipwrecked Sailors.

Shark Tank

Kill Tank at the Cape of Lost Hope

The most difficult of dailies available to you from Tol Barad and the only one that actually will require you to group up. What you need to do for this daily is kill Tank the giant elite shark out in the waters of the Cape of Lost Hope. Don't worry, you can't miss him.

Farson Hold Dailies

Claiming The Keep

Kill Keep Lord Farson at Farson Hold

Fairly straight forward daily, all that is required of you is to kill Keep Lord Farson at Farson Hold.

Leave No Weapon Behind

Collect 12 Rusty Rifles at Farson Hold

All around Farson Hold you can find racks of Rusty Rifles. Collect 12 Rust Rifles and you can be on your way.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Escort a Farson Prisoner to Safety

This is the worst daily ever invented... Maybe the worst quest ever invented. (Thus why I rarely ever do escorts). What you have to do is follow the prisoner to Farson Hold and protect him the whole way. The prisoner you escort attacks everything on the way to the hold including enemy Alliance and Horde. If you attempt this daily, generally at one point you're going to put your face through a wall.

Wellson Shipyard Dailies

Bomb's Away!

Destroy 10 Wellson Supply Boats

For this daily you will need to head over to the Wellson Shipyard docks and hop in one of the cannons. From here you will be able to shoot the Supply Boats that are required for this daily quest.

WANTED: Foreman Wellson

Kill Foreman Wellson at the Wellson Shipyard

Pretty straight forward daily. Head over to the Wellson Shipyard and kill Foreman Wellson.

Watch Out For Splinters!

Collect 15 pieces of Shipyard Lumber from the Wellson Shipyard

Another basic daily quest. All you need to do is head over to the Wellson Shipyard and collect 15 pieces of lumber from the area. Note: The Lumber you need to collect for this daily quest spawns on the ground in large stacks as well as drops from the mobs that wonder around the shipyard.

The Restless Front Dailies

Finish The Job

Kill 5 Restless Soldiers at The Restless Front

Probably one of the easiest dailies you can get. All you need to do is go to The Restless Front and kill 5 Soldiers.

Magnets, How Do They Work?

Collect 7 pieces of Siege Engine Scrap

This is a pretty annoying daily. What you need to do is use the Magnatized Scrap Collector given to you by the quest NPC around the destroyed wreckage at The Restless Front. After using the Magnatized Scrap Collector an arcane explosion like animation will appear around your character revealing any pieces of scrap within the area. Once the pieces of scrap are revealed you will need to collect them.

Forgotten Hill Dailies

First Lieutenant Connor

Kill First Lieutenant Connor at the Forgotten Hill

All you need to do for this daily quest is kill First Lieutenant Connor at the Forgotten Hill.

Salvaging the Remains

Collect 9 Cursed Femurs

All over the Forgotten Hill you will find undead mobs that have a chance to drop Cursed Femurs when you kill them. Note the skeletal patrols that walk around with wolves will not drop the Cursed Femurs needed for this quest.

The Forgotten

Release the Spirits of 6 Tortured Souls at Forgotten Hills

Another pretty basic daily quest. You need to right click the gravestones at the Forgotten Hills to release the spirits for this daily. Upon releasing the spirit a mob will spawn that you need to kill. Or if you're quick enough you can mount up and run away from it.

Baradin's Wardens Rep Guide - Tol Barad Dailies

A Huge Problem

Kill Problim

Just like killing Tank at the Cape of Lost Hope, you should bring friends for killing Problim. Problim is a giant ettin that roams around the paths of Tol Barad (Not the Penninsula area, the actual Tol Barad area).

Swamp Bait

Collect 8 Crocolisk Hides

West of Baradin Hold in Tol Barad you will find a swampy area which is home to Baradin Crocolisks. You will need to kill these Crocolisks for 8 Crocolisk Hides.

The Leftovers

Kill 12 of the opposing faction's infantry

For this daily quest you need to kill any of the opposing faction's infantry scattered out amongst Tol Barad.

D- Block Dailies

Cursed Shackles

Collect 8 Cursed Shackles

Northwest of Baradin Hold you will find the D-Block. Scattered amongst this area you will find Cursed Shackles. They don't drop from any mobs but instead spawn as ground units on the ground.


Kill 10 Demons

All over the D-Block, northwest of Baradin Hold you will find demons for you to kill. Kill 10 of these to complete this daily quest.


Collect Svarnos' Cursed Collar

Just north of Baradin Hold at the D-Block you will find Svarnos, a corehound type mob. Kill him and loot his collar to complete this daily.

Cursed Depths Dailies

Clearing the Depths

Kill 9 Ghosts

Yes, this is as easy as it sounds. Go to the Cursed Depths and kill 9 ghosts.

Learning From The Past

Collect 4 Dusty Prison Journals

The books are kind of hard for you to see. They can be found inside the buildings at Cursed Depths just east of Baradin Hold.

The Imprisoned Archmage

Collect Archmage Galus' Staff

For this daily you will need to kill Archmage Galus and take his Staff. Archmage Galus can be found in the building at the far southwest corner of the Cursed Depths, east of Baradin Hold.

The Hole Dailies

Food From Below

Collect 12 Cellblock Rations

You can find the Cellblock Rations you need for this daily southwest of Baradin Hold. They don't drop from mobs but instead spawn on the ground, so keep an eye out!

Prison Revolt

Kill 10 Prisoners

This is the most simplistic daily for The Hole. All you need to do is head over to The Hole and kill 10 Prisoners which spawn all over the place.

The Warden

Kill Warden Silva for Warden's Keys

For this daily you will need to kill Warden Silva and loot the Warden's Keys. Warden Silva can be found down the right hall of the prison all the way at the end. It may take awhile for you to get to her since there will be a lot of adds you need to kill on the way.

Baradin's Wardens Achievements:

Baradin's WardensBaradin's Wardens: Earn exalted status with Baradin's Wardens (Alliance Only Achievement & Faction). There are many different dailies available for the Baradin's Wardens Reputation. Some of them require your faction to have control of Tol Barad and others are just located on Tol Barad Penninsula which you can do without your faction having control of Tol Barad. If you're interested in seeing a list of all these dailies check out my Baradin's Wardens Reputation Guide!





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