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Zul'farrak Instance Guide

           Zul'farrak is a city of sand trolls that is located in northwestern Tanaris. Zul'farrak, more commonly known as ZF is one of the most commonly run instances while players are leveling up. The quests for this instance are very easy to do and give good rewards. To view the quests for Zul'farrak click here. One of the bosses in Zul'farrak, Gahz'rilla can only be summoned when a player has the Mallet of Zul'farrak.

           In order to get the Zul'farrak mallet you will need to kill Qiaga the Keeper in The Hinterlands for the Sacred Mallet. Once you have the Sacred Mallet you will need to use it at the Jintha'Alor Altar which is also located in Hinterlands. The Altar can be found at (58 , 77).

           The first boss you will come across in ZF will be Theka the Matyr.

           Theka the Martyr is a fairly basic tank and spank fight. Before engaging him make sure to clear all the scarabs in the immediate area. When Theka gets around 20% he will go immune to Physical and Shadow damage. Also he will sometimes agro and additional nearby scarabs to attack you.

Theka does not have a loot table but is used in a quest.

           After you kill Theka the Matyr the next boss is up to you. You can do the optional boss Antu'sul or skip him and head over to Witch Doctor Zum'rah. For the sake of arguement Antu'sul will be listed first.

           When you enter the cave Antu'sul will agro you, he has a gigantic aggro range so be sure you're ready before you get to close. Also before you pull him make sure you have all the Basilisk dead outside the cave otherwise he will pull them as well. During the fight Antu'sul will summon Basilisk to help him which need to be killed quickly or pulled off the healer since they sleep and, well hit hard.

Lifeblood Amulet
The Hand of Antu'sul
Vice Grips of ...
Sang'thraze the Deflector

           After you kill Antu'sul, or don't... The next boss will be Witch Doctor Zum'rah. At first this boss will appear to be friendly to you but when you get close to him he will become hostile and attack.

           When engaged Witch Doctor Zum'rah will summon two zombie sand trolls to help him. He doesn't do anything unique really besides spam Shadow Bolt on your tank. After you kill Witch Doctor Zum'rah the chest near him will be lootable as well as him.

Jumanza Grips
Zum'rah's Vexing Cane

           After you kill Witch Doctor Zum'rah the next thing you'll be doing is the famous Zul'farrak event! At the top of the stairs you'll find The Executioner, who will drop the Executioner's Key. This key will unclock any one of the peoples cages right near him, starting the event.

           During this event waves of trolls will run up and engage you, your group and the mercenaries. You will need to defend them until all the trolls are killed. After all the trolls are killed a second pack will spawn, they will start to run up again as the group of mercenaries will move down. Defend them until they reach the bottom. At the bottom will be two bosses, Nekrum Gutchewer and Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz.

           Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz is a caster, go figure and Nekrum Gutchewer is a Warrior. This is a fairly easy fight, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz is the easiest to kill first. Sezz'ziz is the only one of these bosses that drops loot, Nekrum doesn't have a "superior" loot table.

Jinxed Hoodoo Skin
Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt
Diabolic Skiver
Bad Mojo Mask

           After you complete the event and kill the trolls talk to Sergeant Bly. Tell him you've had enough and it's time for him to die, yadda yadda yadda. The goblin will run off and blast the door open to the end boss and Sergeant Bly will stick around, as with the rest of his cronies and fight you.

           Sergeant Bly doesn't drop any loot but he does drop the Divino-Matic Rod which is used in the quest of the same name. After you kill him and all of his lackeys head up the path to the final bosses.

           The final bosses in the instance are push overs. They don't really do anything special and they are both warriors. Have your tank pick both of them up and kill whichever one you'd like to first. Ruuzlu does not drop any loot, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp is the one that drops the loot for this encounter.

Big Bad Pauldrons
The Chief's Enforcer
Embrace of the Lycan
Jang'thraze the Protector

           There are two more bosses in Zul'farrak, both of them being optional. Both of them are at the same area in the instance. Hydromancer Velratha is one of the bosses and Ghaz'rilla is the other one. Gahz'rilla requires that you have the Mallet of Zul'farrak in order to summon him and Hydromancer doesn't have a loot table and is only used in the "Tiara of The Deep" Quest.

For the sake of arguement, Gahz'rilla:

           Ghaz'rilla has a chance to encase a party member in ice, stunning him and inflicting frost damage. He will also cast Frostbolts at you and your party as well as stomp the ground knocking everyone in range back. This fight isn't anything to worry about.

Gahz'rilla Fang
Gahz'rilla Scale Armor





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