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Uldaman Instance Guide

           Uldaman is an ancient Titan vault that has laid buried deep within the earth since the world's creation. Dwarven excavations have recently penetrated this forgotten city, releasing the Titans' first failed creations: the troggs. Legends say that the Titans created troggs from stone. When they deemed the experiment a failure, the Titans locked the troggs away and tried again - resulting in the creation of the dwarven race. The secrets of the dwarves' creation are recorded on the fabled Discs of Norgannon - massive Titan artifacts that lie at the very bottom of the ancient city.

           Recently, the Dark Iron dwarves have launched a series of incursions into Uldaman, hoping to claim the discs for their fiery master, Ragnaros. However, protecting the buried city are several guardians - giant constructs of living stone that crush any hapless intruders they find. The Discs themselves are guarded by a massive, sentient Stonekeeper called Archaedas. Some rumors even suggest that the dwarves' stone-skinned ancestors, the earthen, still dwell deep within the city's hidden recesses.

Information above was taken from Blizzard.

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           When doing Uldaman the first bosses you'll come across are the lost dwarves. These dwarves are friendly to the Alliance, however Horde are able to kill them for loot.

           All 3 of these dwarves are fairly easy to kill. Olaf is a tank, so he will have increased armor and also Shield Slam. Eric "The Swift" is on steroids, literally. He runs at about epic mount speed. Baelog is an archer and will shoot at your group from a distance.

Loot (Baelog):
Baelog's Shortbow
Nordic Longshank
Precision Arrow

Loot (Eric "The Swift"):
Worn Running Boots
Horned Viking Helmet
Swiftness Potion

Loot (Olaf):
Battered Viking Shield
Olaf's All Purpose Shield
Oil of Olaf
Random type of armor kit.

           After you kill the dwarf expedition be sure to loot the chest near by for Gni'kiv Medallion. The next boss you will come across is Revelosh.

           Revelosh is is a trog Shaman. He will cast Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning on the person with the highest threat. Revelosh also drops The Shaft of Tsol, which combined with the Gni'kiv Medallion creates the Staff of Prehistoria.

The Shaft of Tsol
Revelosh's Gloves
Revelosh's Spaulders
Revelosh's Armguards
Revelosh's Boots

           After you kill Revelosh combine the Medallion and Shaft to create the staff. The staff can be placed on the altar in the very next room to summon the next boss, Ironaya. If you're having a hard time finding the Altar, it's to the left hand side of the miniture town.

           After you place the staff on the Altar a short scene will happen. The staff will shoot a beam into the door, the door will unlock and Ironaya will come out. This little scene was influenced by the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Arc.

           Ironaya is a simple tank and spank fight. She has two noteable moves, one that will knock players back and another that will stomps the ground and stuns anyone around her. She also has a frontal AoE cleave but no one should be getting hit by that aside from the tank.

Ironaya's Bracers
Stoneweaver Leggings
Ironshod Bludgeon

           After you kill Ironaya the next boss is the Ancient Stone Keeper. Before the Ancient Stone Keeper is the Obsidian Sentinel boss but he doesn't have a loot table.

           The Obsidian Sentinel is guarding the back door for Uldaman and the only quest he is used in is the level 40 mage quest "Power in Uldaman". So, unless you're a mage just skip this boss.

           As for the Ancient Stone Keeper, he is no joke. Make sure you clear all of the adds in the room before you pull this boss. During the fight he will use an ability called Harsh Winds. This will disable you from casting and will also cause you to move very slow. You can move out of the Harsh Winds after he casts them, just make sure you keep the tank topped off and you'll be fine.

Rockshard Pauldrons

           After the Ancient Stone Keeper the next boss you'll run into will be Galgann Firehammer.

           Galgann Firehammer is no walk in the park for a group etheir. He comes with two adds and has some nasty fire attacks. His Fire Nova will mess your melee, or anyone near him up. It's important to keep everyone topped off and Dispell Amplify Flames if anyone gets it.

Emberscale Cape
Flameseer Mantle
Galgann's Firehammer
Galgann's Fireblaster

           After you kill Galgann Firehammer the next boss you encounter is Grimlok.

           Grimlok is a Trogg Shaman. He will use Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt against you and your group. Grimlok will also drop Tremor Totems and Bloodlust him and his adds. When you start the encounter he will have two adds, kill them and then kill Grimlok.

Grimlok's Tribal Vestments
Oilskin Leggings
Grimlok's Charge

           Archaedas is the next boss and the final boss in the instance. In the room above Archaedes you'll find 4 golems which are a little bit darker in color. When you right click the pedastle in the middle of the room the 4 golems will come alive and attack. Kill the four golems and the door to the next hallway will open. Follow it down to Archaedas's room. Clear all the mobs in this room and click the pedastle to awaken Archaedas.

           Archaes himself is a very simple tank and spank fight. During the encounter he will re-animate adds from around the room to attack you and the group. Also if you don't clear the whole room other adds will agro the second Archaes is summoned. Fairly easy encounter, after the fight a room to the side will open up that will have disks in it that will give you a quest and also a chest with some extra loot.

Archaedic Stone
The Rockpounder





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