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The Pit of Saron


           The Pit of Saron is the second of 3 instances that where added in patch 3.3. The Pit of Saron has 3 bosses, Forgemaster Garfrost, Ick and Krick and Scourgelord Tyrannus and Rimefang. The final two bosses are a combination of two bosses, as you can tell. For Ick and Krick, Krick rides on the back of Ick. For Scourgelord Tyrannus Rimefang will assist him in the fight.

           When running normal mode in this instance it will also drop Emblem of Triumph's for you. The extra "perk" to running heroic so to speak is the chance of seeing a Battered Hilt drop. This will lead to a series of quests that will allow you to gain access too an awesome kick ass very powerful sword. To see this series of quests click here.

NOTE: In order to run Pit of Saron you will first need to kill the final boss in The Forge of Souls and complete the quest at Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Without doing this you will be unable to access this instance.

Forgemaster Garfrost

           Forgemaster Garfrost is the first boss you and your group will encounter in The Pit of Saron. Forgemaster Garfrost only has two real moves that are worth mentioning and that you have to watch out for. One of them is his Frost Aura debuff that he uses on you and your group. This aura deals a small amount of damage and places a debuff on everyone increasing frost damage taken. It can be dispelled but the easiest way to get it off is when Forgemaster Garfrost jumps to one of his forges, run behind a saronite boulder that he throws.

           Which brings me to ability number two. Every once in awhile Forgemaster Garfrost will pick a random target and throw a Saronite boulder at them. This will deal a small amount of damage and knock you back. The more important thing here is that it will give you a solid structure to stand behind when he jumps to an anvil.

Normal Loot Table:

Garfrost's Two-Ton Hammer

Unspeakable Secret

Ice-Stepped Sandals

Flayer's Black Belt

Polished Mirror Helm

Ring of Carnelian and Bone

Heroic Loot Table:

Surgeon's Needle

Barbed Ymirheim Choker

Legguards of the Frosty Depths

Malykriss Vambraces

Spurned Val'kyr Shoulderguards

Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood

Ick & Krick

           This is the most difficult boss in the instance (In my opinon). Much like the trash mobs around him he will constantly drop a poison fart cloud onto the ground that you will have to move him out of. Also during the fight Ick will pause for a second and randomly target a player in the group. A large arrow will appear over their head. The player being targeted by this will need to run away from Ick.

           Ick has two more things you need to watch out for during this fight. He has a Poison Nova. It is easy to notice since he will stick his hand up into the air when he first starts to channel it. Everyone in melee range will need to run away from him to avoid massive amounts of damage. The third and final ability that Ick does is summon land mines. They look like little arcane explosions on the ground and if you stand in them for long they will destroy you.

Normal Loot Table:

Krick's Beetle Stabber

Purloined Wedding Ring

Scabrous Zombie Leather Belt

Bent Gold Belt

Black Dragonskin Breeches

Wristguards of Subterranean Moss

Heroic Loot Table:

Felglacier Bolter

Ancient Polar Bear Hide

Blackened Ghoul Skin Leggings

Braid of Salt and Fire

Chewed Leather Wristguards

Ick's Rotting Thumb

The Path to Tyrannus

           I felt this needed some more explination on heroic difficulty since a lot of groups struggle with this area. When you're fighting the undead Ymirjar guys you will need to make sure you kill the casters first. They cast Hellfire, Fireball and a slew of other nasty debuffs on the tank and others. If you focus on the melee first chances are the casters will kill you before the melee mobs are even dead.

Of course there is always crowd control, but lets face it. Who the hell uses crowd control anymore?

           Right after you get done the two pacts of Ymirjar mobs you will face two packs of large skeletons. As with the Ymirjar you will want to focus on the casting skeletons first. The casting skeletons here will use Frostbolt, which isn't much to worry about. But they will also call forth an icy ring of death. Of course it isn't called "The Icy Ring of Death" but I uniquely nammed it this.

           What this ring does is call a bunch of mini iceblocks around in a circle. Once you start to see all of these Iceblock everyone inside the circle needs to get the frig out of there. If you stay inside you will become chained and take a lot of damage.

           Right after finish all 4 packs you will need to clear a collapsing tunnel on your way to Tyrannus. The easiest way to do this (and to get the achievement) is to pull all the mobs up to the elemental right in the middle of the tunnel. Stay, fight and rest up here. Then pull the other two skeleton packs and run out of the tunnel. Kill them, med up then happy fun boss time!

Scourgelord Tyrannus

           Scourgelord Tyrannus is the final boss in The Pit of Saron. During the fight with Scourgelord Tyrannus, Rimefang, the bonedrake will assist him. Tyrannus has a few moves that are worth mentioning. One is his knockback that he will cast on the tank. (see below for more information on knockback). Another move that he does is Unholy Power. This will increase his physical damage by 75% and reduce his movement speed. If your tank has the gear then this is nothing to worry about. Just pop a trinket and you're all good.

           Rimefang has a few other abilities that you need to fear. He will shoot frostbolts at people and leave a large "frost trap aura" looking effect on the ground. It is important to not stand in this. Rimefang will also target a random player every so often and blast them with ice, freezing them for 5 seconds. The player being targeted and any other players around him will be incased in this ice so it is important that you run away from anyone else.

           So a quick recap of this fight. Stay out of the Ice patches on the ground. If someone has a huge blinking arrow of their head, get the fuck away from them. Or if it is you with the large blinking arrow over your head. Get the fuck away from everyone else.

NOTE: For all you tanks out there that think you're all smart n' stuff with your backs to the Ice so Tyrannus has to walk through it. You're not. The time he spends walking through this is he will take roughly 10k damage. Your melee DPS can put out way more then 10k damage in this time.

Normal Loot Table:

Rimebane Rifle

Palebone Robes

Protector of Frigid Souls

Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal

Horns of the Spurned Val'kyr

Rimewoven Silks

Shroud of Rime

Gondria's Spectral Bracer

Painfully Sharp Choker

Scourgelord's Frigid Chestplate

Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings

Skeleton Lord's Cranium

Heroic Loot Table:

Engraved Gargoyle Femur

Rimefang's Claw

Tyrannical Beheader

Mudslide Boots

Nevermelting Ice Crystal

Rusty Frozen Fingerguards

Icebound Bronze Cuirass

Prelate's Snowshoes

Band of Stained Souls

Belt of Forgotten Fingernails

Fleshwerk Leggings

Frost Wyrm Ribcage





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