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Stratholme Undead Side Instance Guide


           Stratholme has two sides, Undead and Living. The living side is harder then the undead side. If it's your first time in Stratholme you will need to enter from the Living Side and run over to the Undead side (Head east once you're inside in the instance). You will need to kill Magistrate Barthilas for the Key to the City. The Key to the City will allow you to open the gates on the Undead Side.

           The Living Side has a lot of Scarlet Crusade mobs, which drop Righteous Orbs. These orbs are used for the Crusader enchant, a saught after twinking enchant. Also, it's worth noting that to access the Living Sides final bosses and the other half of the instance you will need someone who can pick locks or the Scarlet Key from Scarlet Monastery: Library.

Click here for a list of all of the quests that involve Stratholme.

           The first boss you will encounter in Stratholme Undead will be etheir Baroness Anastari or Nerub'enkan. Nerub'enkan will be listed first.

           This is a fairly easy fight. Through out the fight Nerub'enkan will root the tank and run away. He will start shooting at him from range. Once the root breaks simply run back and start attacking him again. Also during the encounter Nerub'enkan will summon scarabs and send them to attack someone in the group.

Carapace Spine Crossbow
Thuzadin Sash
Beaststalker's Boots
Husk of Nerub'enkan
Chitinous Plate Legguards
Darkspinner Claws
Crypt Stalker Leggings
Fangdrip Runners
Acid-etched Pauldrons

After you kill Nerub'enkan be sure to enter the door behind him and clear all mobs inside. You're required to do this for all 3 bosses in order to open the gate to Baron's area. The next boss in line is Baroness Anastari.

           Baroness Anastari is a very simple boss right. She will cast Shadowbolt and Banshee's Curse on you and your group. The most important thing to remember and keep in mind during this boss fight is she will take control of a member of your group, such as a friend or you. You will be required to almost kill this person before she will release them of her grasp.

           It's important that if you're with another person plowing through this instance only one of you engages Baroness otherwise you're going to be dramatically wasting your time killing your friend during the encounter.

Screeching Bow
Shadowy Laced Handwraps
Dreadmist Sandals
Anastari Heirloom
Banshee Finger
Windshrieker Pauldrons
Chillhide Bracers
Banshee's Touch
Wail of the Banshee

The next boss you will come across is Maleki the Pallid.

           Maleki the Pallid is a caster, he will use Frost and shadow spells against you and your group. He won't be a hard fight for anyone or a group, it's fairly simple. The only noteable move that he does have however is Ice Tomb. Which will freeze someone into a tomb for 10 seconds.

Maleki's Footwraps
Bone Slicing Hatchet
Devout Sandals
Skull of Burning Shadows
Pale Moon Cloak
Lavawalker Greaves
Flamescarred Girdle
Twilight Void Bracers
Darkbind Fingers
Clutch of Foresight
Plans: Hammer of the Titans

           After you kill Maleki the Pallid and clear the room behind him you will unlock the gate to Baron Rivendare. Head north until you see the open gate and to the right of it is Magistrate Barthilas.

           Magistrate Barthilas is the boss that ran from you at the start. He is also the one that will drop the Key to the City which is required to unlock a lot of the gates on the Undead side. Magistrate is a fairly easy fight with only two noteable moves. One is a knockback punch, which will knock you back. The other is the longer the fight goes on the more pissed off Magistrate Barthilas will get. His damage and attack speed will increase over time.

Key to the City
Death Grips
Magistrate's Cuffs
Crimson Felt Hat
Idol of Brutality
Royal Tribunal Cloak

           After Magistrate Barthilas you will need to head into the room with all the abominations and kill all of them. After you kill all of them Ramstein the Gorger will come out.

           Ramestein is a very basic tank and spank fight. The only thing he does that is special is stun your tank for up to 6 seconds. After Ramestein there are two final packs of mobs for you to kill before Baron Rivendare.

Gauntlets of Valor
Soulstealer Mantle
Crest of Retribution
Ramstein's Lightning Bolts
Band of Flesh
Animated Chain Necklace
Slavedriver's Cane

After Ramestein you have the final boss, Baron Rivendare.

           Baron Rivendare is probably the most killed boss in all of WoW. Baron Rivendare is a very basic encounter. He has an aura that pulses inflicting shadow damage to anyone in range. Also he will call forth skeletal minions that after around 7 seconds of them being alive he will sacrifice. If any of them are still alive when he uses his sacrifice ability they will be instantly killed and will also heal Baron Rivendare.

           Many people come to this instance specifically for this boss since he has roughly a 1% chance to drop a very unique mount, Baron Rivendares Mount. Baron Rivendares Mount is the only mount that Alliance can get that looks like a Skeletal Warhorse.

Gauntlets of Deftness
Helm of the Executioner
Tunic of the Crescent Moon
Thuzadin Mantle
Dracorian Gauntlets
Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo
Robes of the Exalted
Seal of Rivendare
Scepter of the Unholy
Cape of the Black Baron
Shadowcraft Pants
Devout Skirt
Dreadmist Leggings
Legplates of Valor
Lightforge Legplates
Wildheart Kilt
Magister's Leggings
Beaststalker Pants
Kilt of Elements
Skullforge Reaver
Bone Scraper
Deathcharger's Reins





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