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The Stockade Instance Guide

           The Stormwind Stockades is the Alliance version of Ragefire Chasm. However Stormwind Stockades is for levels 24-32 and RFC is for levels 13-16. Stormwind Stockades only has quests available for the Alliance, if that wasn't already pretty obvious since I'ts in Stormwind! Usually a lot of players will find a friend or someone to run them through Stockades since it is a very short simplistic instance.

           All of the bosses in The Stockade are very basic tank and spanks. Very few of them have any noteable abilities aside from auto attack. For a list of all the quests involving The Stockade click here.

           When you enter the Stockade the first boss you will come across is Targorr the Dread. Targorr the Dread is off in a side room behind one of the broken jail cells, making him easy to miss.

           Targorr the Dread is a basic tank and spank. Nothing unique about this encounter. Targorr the Dread does not have a loot table and he is only used in the quest "What Comes Around...".

           After you kill Targorr the Dread the next boss you will come across is Kam Deepfury. (If you make a right at the intercetion, if you make a left it will be different.) Kam Deepfury is also located in one of the side rooms, making him easily missable as well.

           Kam Deepfury is another very simple tank and spank. He is a defensive Warrior so he will Shield Block and also Shield Wall, slowing down the time it takes to kill him. Kam Deepfury is part of a quest to get his as well, very similar to Targorr the Dread. However Kam does drop one item, but it is very rare to see it drop.

Kam's Walking Stick

           The next boss you'll encounter is Hamhock.

           Hamhock is guarding the final boss of the instance Bazil Thredd. Hamhock does not have a loot table and is not used in any quests, making him pretty darn pointless. Hamhock will come with two adds and will also cast chain lightning on you and your group. After you kill Hamhock head into the room east of him to find Bazil Thredd.

           Bazil Thredd is the final boss of The Stockades. As with many other bosses he doesn't have a loot table but is used in a quest to get his head. To view the quest for Bazil Thredd's head click here.

           In the far other corner of the instance is another boss, Dextren Ward.

           Dextren Ward, very similar to all the other bosses does not drop any loot. However there is a quest requiring you to kill him for his Hand. To view this quest click here.





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