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Scarlet Monastery: Library Instance Guide

           Scarlet Monestary is in Instance located in Tirisfal Glades. Scarlet Monestary, also known as SM has 4 wings. The Armory, Graveyard, Cathedral and Library. The Graveyard is the easiest where as Cathedral is the hardest. In order to enter the Cathedral and Armory you will need to grab the Scarlet Key which is located in a chest behind the final boss of SM Library.

           The first boss you will encounter in SM Library is Houndmaster Loksey. This boss is technically optional, since he is out of the way and not required to be killed, but every group does him. He is also involved in the SM quest for great gear. To view the Horde SM quest click here. To view the Alliance SM quest click here.

This boss comes with 3 dog adds, other then that he doesn't do anything special.

Dog Training Gloves
Dog Whistle
Loksey's Training Stick

After you kill Houndmaster Loksey you won't see another boss until the final boss, Arcanist Doan.

           Arcanist Doan is the first really "Unique" fight that you'll encounter in WoW. He has an AoE silence, an AoE spell and will also become immune to magic damage during the fight. When he goes immune and starts spamming Arcane Explosion have everyone get back, then rejoin when he is finished.

Robe of Doan
Mantle of Doan
Hypnotic Blade
Illusionary Rod
Deadman's Hand

After you kill Doan be sure to loot the Scarlet Key out of the chest behind him!





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