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Scholomance Instance Guide

           Scholomance is an instance located in Western Plaguelands. In order to open the door at the entrance to scholomance players will need to complete a long quest line for the key. Horde players will start this quest at the Bulwark, as seen here. Alliance players will start this quest at Chillwind Camp, to see the starting quest go here.

           Scholomance has 13 bosses, two of which are optional. Jandice, one of the optional bosses doesn't require a quest to kill or summon. However the second optional boss, Kirtonos the Herald requires that you complete a quest chain which can be found here. After you complete the quest chain you will be able to loot Blood of the Innocents from Jandice, Doctor Krastinov and Blood Steward.

           Scholomance is one of my favorite places to farm. If you'd like to see how I pull in over 600g an hour in Scholomance click here.

           The first boss you will come across in Scholomance is Kirtonos the Herald. If you have the quest or the blood to summon him of course.

           Kirtonos flies into the room as a Gargoyle and will change to a Human. About halfway through the fight he will switch back into a Gargoyle. During the fight he will drop Disarm, reduce the person he is attackings armor by 50% and also Drop Kick the person highest on his threat list. Drop Kick knocks the player down and reduces their threat.

Loomguard Armbraces
Gargoyle Slashers
Stoneform Shoulders
Windreaver Greaves
Heart of the Fiend
Clutch of Andros
Boots of Valor
Gravestone War Axe

The next boss you will encounter is Jandice Barov.

           During the Fight with Jandice she will split into about two dozen illusions of her self. Your target of her will be broken at this time. To find the real Jandice hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and hit V to bring up the health bar of Jandice, only Jandice will have a health bar.

Dreadmist Mantle
Wraithplate Leggings
Royal Cap Spaulders
Ghostloom Leggings
Phantasmal Cloak
Staff of Metanoia
Barovian Family Sword

After you kill Jandice Barov, before leaving this area be sure to pull the torch on the wall to the right of her room.

The next boss you will encounter is Rattlegore.

           Rattlegore is a fairly simple fight. He will knock players back and also do a Warstomp during the fight which stuns everyone around him for 5 seconds. Other then these two special abilities he doesn't do anything unique, aside from hit like a truck.

Shadowcraft Boots
Deadwalker Mantle
Corpselight Greaves
Bone Ring Helm
Frightskull Shaft
Bone Golem Shoulders
Rattlecage Buckler
Top Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume II

After you kill Rattlegore the next boss you'll encounter is Ras Frostwhisper

           Ras Frostwhisper is a fairly easy fight. During the fight he will use a frost nova ability knocking everyone back around him and slowing their movement speed. His frost armor also slows your attack speed by 100%.

Intricately Runed Shield
Magister's Mantle
Bonechill Hammer
Maelstrom Leggings
Shivery Handwraps
Death's Clutch
Boneclenched Gauntlets
Freezing Lich Robes
Spellbound Tome
Frostbite Girdle
Iceblade Hacker

           After you dispose of Ras Frostwhisper your next set of bosses is in Gandlings room. There are 6 bosses in this room, I'll start with the boss that I usually do first, Lorekeeper Polkelt.

           This boss doesn't do anything special. However the zombies in the same room as him will explode when you kill them. So, If you're 80 and running through this instance I highly recommend you don't pull the whole room and AoE them down, if you do you're going to be in for a rude surprise.


After Lorekeeper Polket the next guy I normally take out is Doctor Theolen Krastinov.

           This guy hits like a TRUCK and a really really big truck at that. Like a monster truck semi combined. Other then that, he is a very simple tank and spank.


Next boss in line is Instructor Malicia.

           This boss is a very simple fight, the only special thing she does is heal herself. It's important that you don't let her pull off this heal, because it heals her for a lot. She also casts a few other spells, like corruption, Renew and Slow.


The next boss in line is down stairs, The Ravenian.

           This is a fairly simple boss fight, the only unique ability he has is a knockback, which is really rather harmless. You can get knockbacked into the pools of water around him, making him evade. Other then that it's a fairly easy basic fight.


After you kill The Ravenian the next boss in line is Alexei Barov

           Alexei Barov has two things that make this fight really hard. The first thing is his aura that ticks and hits everyone around for a decent amount of damage. Second he applies a curse to a random person in your party that reduces incoming healing by 75%. If this is put on the tank it needs to immediatly be taken off, or expect a quick death.


After you dispose of Alexei Barov, Lady Illucia Barov is next in line.

           Simple tank and spank. Only unique thing that she does is Mind Control a random person of your group. If you're running someone through this instance I advise that you don't let them enter combat. If you get mind controlled they're going to die. quick.


After you kill Lady Illucia Barov Darkmaster Gandling will spawn in the center of the center room.

           This boss is a simple tank and spank. The one special ability he has is he randomly chooses one party member and ports them to one of the 3 rooms that you killed a boss in. He will spawn 3 non elite skeletons with almost no HP that you have to kill, then the door will open. Other then this, he doesn't do anything extra deadly to you.

Silent Fang
Bonecreeper Stylus
Boots of the Shrieker
Vigorsteel Vambraces
Tombstone Breastplate
Don Mauricio's Band of Domination
Dreadmist Mask
Devout Crown
Lightforge Helm
Shadowcraft Cap
Magister's Crown
Wildheart Cowl
Beaststalker's Cap
Coif of Elements
Ace of Portals
Pattern: Robe of the Void
Headmaster's Charge





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