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Razorfen Downs Instance Guide

           Razorfen Downs is the sister instance of Razorfen Kraul. Literally Right Across the street is the lower level instance, RFK. Razorfen Downs is for players levels 33 - 40. It has 4 bosses, two of which are optional. When you first enter the instance you'll be able to go right or left. Right is harder then left and each wing will lead you to different end bosses. As a group you will be able to do both wings if you'd like, but many groups only do the right wing.

           Razorfen Downs is one of the least traveled instances in the game because there aren't many quests for it. If you're like to view all of the quests for RFD regardless click here.

If you take the right path, then the first boss you will come across is Glutton.

Really a basic tank and spank. When he gets lower on HP you'll get a warning that says "Glutton is hungry" and then "Glutton is VERY hungry" when you see these it means that Glutton's attack speeds have increased.

Glutton's Cleaver
Fleshhide Shoulders

After you kill Glutton, the final boss of this side is Amnennar the Coldbringer.

Amnennar the Coldbringer is the final boss of the "Harder" wing of RFD and usually the 2nd, and final boss that groups do. Amnennar the Coldbringer doesn't do anything overly unique, he has a Frost nova and Frostbolt ability. Also when you get him to 60% he will summon ads. You should kill them because at 30% he summons 3 more ads.

Robes of the Lich
Icemetal Barbute
Deathchill Armor
Coldrage Dagger

The next boss you will encounter is on the "living" side of RFD also known as the easier side. Tuten'kash is the first boss on the easier side of RFD.

In order to summon Tuten'kash you will need to bang a gong 3 times. The gong is located about half way through RFD. When you hit the gong for the first time 10 level 35 elite spiders will spawn. You'll need to kill them before hitting it again. After you kill them hit it again to spawn 4 level 37 elite spiders. After you kill them hit the gong one final time to spawn Tuten'kash. The only special thing that Tuten'kash does is root the group.

Silky Spider Cape
Carapace of Tuten'kash
Arachnid Gloves

After you kill Tuten'kash the next boss you'll encounter is Mordresh Fire Eye.

Mordresh Fire Eye is the final boss of the "easy" side of RFD. You will start the boss fight if you attack him or the skeletons he is facing and /dancing with. It's important that your group understands this and doesn't pull early. Mordresh will cast Fireball and Fire Nova while you're fighting him, the only thing you have to worry about is Fire Nova, which hurts.

Mordresh's Lifeless Skull
Glowing Eye of Mordresh
Deathmage Sash





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