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Ragefire Chasm Instance Guide

           Ragefire Chasm (RFC) is the lowest level instance in the game, it is also one of two instances located in a factions main city. Ragefire is located in the Horde Capital of Orgrimmar. It has 2 bosses in it, and two mini bosses. There is only one achievement for Ragefire Chasm.

To view a list of quests for Ragefire Chasm click here.


           Oggleflint is the first boss, if you're actually doing this with a group you have nothing to worry about he is a simple tank and spank that a priest can tank. Oggleflint is standing by a Tauren corpse that is used in a quest. To see this quest click here.

Taragaman The Hungerer

           Taragaman the Hungerer is the main boss of RFC and the only boss needed to be killed for the achievement. He knockbacks and has a Fire Nova ability, still extremely easy for a group. This boss is included in the main quest for Ragefire Chasm.

Loot Table:
Crystalline Cuffs
Subterranean Cape
Cursed Felblade

Jergosh the Invoker

           Jergosh is the third boss in RFC, he is located behind Taragaman and is an option boss. This boss is a caster and very weak to melee damage, also hits for crap.

Loot Table:
Robe of Evocation
Cavedweller Bracers
Chanting Blade


           Simple tank and spank encounter, he is way out of the way and the only reason to do him is to complete the "Hidden Enemies" quest. He does not drop any loot.


Ragefire Chasm
- Defeat Taragaman the Hungerer





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