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Halls of Stone Instance Guide

           The Halls of Stone is located in Northern Storm Peaks near Ulduar. Halls of Stone is the easiest instance near Ulduar. It's big daddy instance is Halls of Lightning, which is the hardest 5man added in WoTLK. The Halls of Stone only has 3 bosses but it also has a very unique escort event called the Tribunal of Ages. For this event you must escort Brann and protect him from attack while he tinkers around with the Tribunal of Ages machine inside the instance.

Maiden of Grief

Normal Strategy: This fight is very similar to Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan. (Who would of guessed! It's not like they look the same or anything) At certain periods throughout the fight she will cast Storm of Grief. Everyone needs to move out of this, then later in the fight when she starts to cast Shock of Sorrow the tank and healer need to move into this, so the damage will break the new "Repentance".

Heroic Strategy: Same as Normal.

Normal Loot Table:

Chain of Fiery Orbs

Ringlet of Repose

Embrace of Sorrow

Heroic Loot Table:

Woeful Band

Hammer of Grief

Maiden's Girdle

Lightning-Charged Gloves


Normal Strategy: Simplistic Tank and spank, the only additive that this boss does is he is exactly like gruul. At certain times he will knock everyone back then 4 seconds later they will Shatter. When you're going to shatter avoid other people.

Heroic Strategy: Same as normal.

Normal Loot Table:

Hollow Geode Helm

Leggings of Burning Gleam

Brann's Lost Mining Helmet

Heroic Loot Table:

Shardling Legguards

The Prospector's Prize

Spaulder's of Krystallus

Tribunal Of Ages

           The Tribunal Of Ages is an event in Halls of Stone where you must defend Brann. Waves of mobs will come out at you for 5 minutes and you must kill them before they reach Brann, or even damage Brann if you want the achievement. In addition a laser will also activate in the ceiling. This laser will go around the room and do damage to anyone it passes over. Below is a list of the timers for this event, credit goes to Rossogia of

0:00 Start of the Event
0:45 Enter Combat the weak bolts that don't really do much begin to fire.
0:50 First Wave will start spawning (Dark Rune Protectors)
1:40 The next "Cutscene" beings
1:45 First Dark Matter Orbs and Shadow Word:Pain beings
2:00 Second mob type begins spawning in addition to first (2x Dark Rune Stormcallers)
3:20 The next "Cutscene" begins"
3:25 Searing Gaze attacks begin
3:45 First Iron Golem Custodian spawns
5:00 Final "cutscene" starts
5:15 You win!

Normal Loot:

Constellation Leggings

Cosmos Vestments

Linked Armor of the Sphere

Heroic Loot:

Raging Construct Bands

Sword of Justice

Mantle of the Tribunal

Sabatons of the Ages

Sjonnir The Ironshaper

Normal Strategy: Adds will come down from the opposing platforms, kill them as they reach the middle and the group. When he uses his lightning shield ability, Purge it, Spell Steal it, or Shield Slam it. If anyone is to incompetent to do the following run away from the boss and don't attack him.

Heroic Strategy: Same as normal, just try without the Incompetence =P

Normal Loot Table:

Static Cowl

Amulet of Wills

Ironshaper's Legplates

Heroic Loot Table:

Spark of Life

Sun-Emblazoned Chestplate

Forge Ember

Sjonnir's Girdle

Boots of the Whirling Mist

The Fleshshaper

Bands of the Stoneforge

Leggings of the Stone Halls


Here is a list of quests you can pick up for Halls of Stone


Halls of Stone
- Maiden of Grief                       - Krystallus
- Sjonnir the Ironshaper            - The Tribunal of Ages

Heroic: Halls of Stone
- Maiden of Grief                       - Krystallus
- Sjonnir the Ironshaper            - The Tribunal of Ages

Good Grief
- Defeat the Maiden of Grief in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty in 1 minute or less

Abuse the Ooze
- Kill Sjonnir the Ironshaper in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty and kill 5 Iron Sludges during the encounter.

Brann Spanking New
- Defeat the Tribunal Of Ages Encounter in the Halls of Stone without allowing Brann Bronzebeard take any damage.





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