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The Forge of Souls


           The Forge of Souls is the very first instance that you will have access to in the Icecrown Citadel 5mans that were added in patch 3.3. In order to gain access to The Pit of Saron you will need to complete this instance. The Forge of Souls is the shortest of the 3 instances and only has two bosses. Be sure to pick up the quest from Lady Sylvanas at the very entrance, this quest will award you with Emblems of Frost as well as give you the attunement required to enter the next instances.

           Unlike the other 5mans outside of the Icecrown Citadel, The Forge of Souls will drop Emblems of Triumph for you on normal difficulty. The first boss you will encounter when running The Forge of Souls instance is Bronjahm.


           Bronjahm is really just a simple tank and spank fight. Bronjahm's only has one special move and that is at 30% he will teleport to the center of the room. He will call in a Soulstorm around the outside of the ring he is standing in. If you are on the otherside of the Soulstorm you will be hit for 1,000 damage every second and have your movement speed slowed by 50%. When he does his teleport you have a few seconds to run into the ring, meaning there is no reason you should be hit by the Soulstorm in the first place.

Normal Loot Table:

Lucky Old Sun

Papa's New Bag

Bewildering Shoulderpads

Seven Stormy Mornings

Cold Sweat Grips

Minister's Number One Legplates

Robes of the Cheating Heart

Papa's Brand New Bag

Heroic Loot Table:


Papa's Brand New Knife

Papa's New Bag

Eyes of Bewilderment

Love's Prisoner

Very Fashionable Shoulders

Weeping Gauntlets

Papa's Brand New Bag

The Devourer Of Souls

           This boss can be a real pain in the ass if the DPS doesn't know what they're doing. The Devourer of Souls has a few different abilities but the first I would like to bring to your attention is Mirrored Soul. Usually every group you're in for this instance will have one guy screaming "stop dps for Mirrored Soul", which is exactly needs to be done. Mirrored Soul converts a percentage of the DPS The Devourer of Souls takes and inflicts it on whoever whom ever it was cast on. If you have over zealous DPS or just amazingly geared DPS in your group chances are that person is going to die.

           The second ability he has worth mentioning is his Unleash Souls. This will call a bunch of souls into the room that have no threat meter, can't be targeted or killed. You simply have to heal through them and hope for the best. As a Prot Pally I usually pop my Divine Sacrifice at this time as well as Divine Protection. I usually soak up most of the damage taking a lot of trouble off the group.

           The final two abilities that the Devourer of Souls has is his Well of Souls and Beam of Fuck Your Shit Up. Well of Souls will create a small little purple shit cloud on the ground that you will need to get out of. The Beam of Fuck Your Shit Up ability he uses is towards the end of the fight. He will switch faces and start to cast a large beam at one side of the room, slowly moving it around in a clockwise position. If you get stuck in this beam, it will fuck your shit up, thus the reason I named it that.

Normal Loot Table:


Blood Boil Lancet

Tower of the Mouldering Corpse

Brace Guards of the Starless Night

Coil of Missing Gems

Spiteful Signet

Essence of Anger

Sollerets of Suffering

Soul Screaming Boots

Accursed Crawling Cape

Lost Reliquary Chestguard

Legplates of Frozen Granite

Heroic Loot Table:

Blood Weeper


Arcane Loops of Anger

Black Spire Sabatons

Essence of Desire

Frayed Scoundrel's Cap

Helm of the Spirit Shock

Mord'rethar Robes

Pauldrons of the Souleater

Essence of Suffering

Needle-Encrusted Scorpion

Recovered Reliquary Boots

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Quests for The Forge of Souls

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