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Deadmines Instance Guide

           Deadmines, more commonly known as VC is located in Westfall, an alliance zone. The reason it's called VC is because of Edwinn VanCleef, the ending boss. It's the lowest level instance in the game for Alliance and is the most commonly run for level 19 twinks. Deadmines only has quests available for alliance players, for a list of all of the quests click here.

           Aside from Deadmines being home for twinking items it also has two Vanity Pets that you can't get anywhere else. Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw) drops from the Defias Pirates and the Cat Carrier (Siamese) Drops from the optional boss Cookie.

           The first boss you will come across in The Deadmines is Rhahk'Zor.


           There isn't anything special about this boss, just tank and spank. Although if you pull the boss at the wrong time, the two adds near the door have a chance to come as well. When you kill the boss the door behind him will open.

Loot Table:

Rhahk'Zor's Hammer


           After you kill Rhahk'Zor the next boss you come across will be Sneed's Shredder and Sneed.

Sneed & His Shredder

           This is a two part encounter. First you will have to fight and defeat his Shredder, after you destroy his Shredder Sneed himself will appear and you will have to kill him. This encounter isn't that tough. When you defeat both Sneed and his Shredder the door to the next room will open up.

Loot Table:

Buzzer Blade

Buzz Saw

Gold-flecked Gloves

Taskmaster Axe

           The next boss you will run into is the Goblin Engineer, Gilnid.


           Gilnid doesn't do much of anything special, however you should try and pull him at the right time otherwise you may get him and a few of the adds around him. After you kill Gilnid the door behind him will open up.

Loot Table:

Smelting Pants

Lavishly Jeweled Ring

           After you kill Gilnid the next boss in line is Mr. Smite. However before you're able to fight Mr. Smite you will need to blow up the door to the Harbor first. In the next series of tunnels you'll find a Powder Keg. Pick this up and take it to the cannon, which is at the end of the tunnel. Right click the cannon and presto, the door is open.

           Make sure your group is prepared before getting close to the boat. When you start to run up the boarding ramp there will be two stealthed body guards, when you agro them Mr. Smite is agro'd as well.

Mr. Smite

           It's important for you to take out the body guards before you focus on Mr. Smite. During the encounter Mr. Smite will stomp the ground and stun everyone in your party for 7 seconds. He does this twice, once at 66% and again at 33%. He switches weapons when he does this, the first time to dual reavers and the second to his hammer. He will still take damage during these stuns so if you have a load of dots on him it is possible to kill him.

Loot Table:

Smite's Reaver

Thief's Blade

Smite's Mighty Hammer

           After you kill Smite the next boss will be Captain Greenskin.

Captain Greenskin

           Captain Greenskin himself doesn't do anything unique, but he does come with two adds. Similar to Mr. Smite dispose of the adds and then the boss. Fairly easy.

Loot Table:

Emberstone Staff

Impaling Harpoon

Blackened Defias Belt

           The very next pull after Captain Greenskin is Edwin VanCleef.

Edwin VanCleef

           Edwin VanCleef comes with two adds, which should be killed off quickly. When he gets down to 50% he will call two more defias to help out and again at 25%. After you kill VanCleef be sure to loot the Unsent Letter that he drops, it will begin a quest.

Loot Table:

An Unsent Letter

Corsair's Overshirt

Cape of the Brotherhood

Cruel Barb

Blackened Defias Armor

           The next boss, who is an optional boss after VanCleef is Cookie. Cookie is right off the side of the boat heading towards the instances exit.


           Cookie doesn't do anything unique, although he has a chance to drop a rare Vanity Pet, Cat Carrier (Siamese).

Loot Table:

Cat Carrier (Siamese)

Cookie's Tenderizer

Cookie's Stirring Rod





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