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Blackfathom Deeps Instance Guide

           Blackfathom Deeps is a lower level instance that is located in Ashenvale. Blackfathom Deeps, more commonly known as BFD is one of the least commonly run lower level instances. BFD is also one of the only instances besides Scholomance and Stratholme that involves the Argent Dawn Reputation. For a list of all of the quests that involve BFD click here.

           Also, I'd like to add a lot of the quests you get at Zoram'gar Outpost for BFD can be done right outside the instance. Also, Nagas outside the instance have a chance to drop a parchment that will start a quest. The first boss you will encounter is Ghamoo-ra.


           This boss is a very simple tank and spank. The only unique attribute about this boss is he has a TON of armor. You'll be hitting him for roughly 50% of what you normally hit mobs for.

Loot Table:

Ghamoo-ra's Bind

Tortoise Armor

           The next boss you'll come across is Lady Sarevess. In order to reach here you have to swim through the underwater tunnel to the northwest of Ghamoo-ra.

Lady Sarevess

           Basic fight. Only unique ability is Forked Lightning which is very similar to chain lightning. If you have more then one melee on her it will hit all of them.

Loot Table:

Darkwater Talwar

Naga Battle Gloves

Naga Heartpiercer

           After you kill Lady Sarevess the next boss you'll come across is Gelihast. Gelihast is another skipable boss.


           Very simple tank and spank. After you kill Gelihast you can use the orb behind him to get the buff "The Blessing of Blackfathom". The buff will increase your Spirit and Intelligence by 5 and also increases the damage of your Frost based Spells.

Loot Table:

Reef Axe

Algae Fists

           The next boss in line is Lorgus Jett. Lorgus Jett can spawn in many different areas throughout BFD so you may not always find him, or may have to look for him. He doesn't drop anything but is used for a Horde quest "Allegiance to the Old Gods".

           After you find and kill Lorgus Jett, or don't the next boss you will come across is Baron Aquanis. Baron Aquanis is another optional boss that can be summoned via a Horde quest "Baron Aquanis".

           Not only do you get quest credit for killing Baron Aquantis but he will also drop a Strange Water Globe that will start a quest.

           After Baron Aquanis you have Old Serra'kis. Old Serra'kis is an under water boss that swims around in the room northeast of Baron Aquanis. You can only access this room from going underwater. Old Serra'kis is also an optional boss.

Old Serra'kis

           Nothing special about this fight, just be quick so you don't drown.


Glowing Thresher Cape

Bands of Serra'kis

Bite of Serra'kis

           The next boss is Twilight Lord Kelris, who isn't an optional boss. After you kill Kelris you must light the candles in the center of this room. Only Light them one by one, however otherwise you'll get overwhelmed with mobs.

Twilight Lord Kelris

           Twilight Lord Kelris is the second to last boss of BRD. He casts Shadow Spells and really doesn't do anything else unique. It's important that you clear the mobs around him, when he is engaged he likes to pull mobs from the room.


Rod of the Sleepwalker

Gaze Dreamer Pants

           After you light all 4 torches near Kelris and kill all of the mobs you will open the door that will lead you to the final boss, Aku'mai.


           Aku'mai doesn't really do anything special. The only noteable move he has is farting a poison cloud out onto the ground, which the tank will usually just move him away from. After you kill Aku'mai, very similar to Gelihast there is an orb behind him. When you use this orb you will get the buff "The Blessing of Blackfathom". The buff will increase your Spirit and Intelligence by 5 and also increases the damage of your Frost based Spells.


Leech Pants

Moss Cinch

Strike of the Hydra


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