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Shadow Labyrinth Instance Guide

Shadow Labyrinth, more commonly known as Shadow Labs or Slabs is located in Terokkar Forest. The instance shares the same "ring" with 3 others, Mana Tombs, Sethekk Halls and Auchenai Crypts. All 4 of these instances are located in Auchindoun, which is a large ring in southern Terokkar. Shadow Labs is the hardest of the four instances located in Auchindoun.

In order to open the door outside of Shadow Labs you will need the key from the final boss in Sethekk Halls. When you kill mobs inside of Shadow Labs you will recieve Lower City reputation. To view all of the quests involving Shadow Labs click here. Below is a video of me soloing Shadow Labs at level 80.

When running Shadow Labs the first boss you will encounter will be Ambassador Hellmaw. In order to activate Ambassador Hellmaw, so to speak you will need to kill all of the mobs in his room.

Ambassador Hellmaw

Ambassador Hellmaw is a fairly straight forward fight. During the fight he will use an Acid Spit ability and Fear. If you're level 80 chances are you're going to resist both of these making him nothing more then your basic Tank and Spank.

Loot Table:
Jaedenfire Gloves of Annihilation
Soul-Wand of the Aldor
Ornate Boots of the Sanctified
Idol of the Emerald Queen
Dream-Wing Helm
Platinum Shield of the Valorous

After you kill Ambassador Hellmaw the second boss you will encounter is Blackheart the Inciter. Before you pull Blackheart make sure you clear the whole room.

Blackheart the Inciter

Blackheart the Inciter has two abilities that are worth mentioning. One, is his knockback which he will punt you all around the room. His second ability is his group Mind Control, which he will only use when more then one person is in combat with him. The Mind Control will force everyone in the group to attack each other for 15 seconds.

Loot Table:
Ornate Leggings of the Venerated
Cloak of the Inciter
Moonglade Handwraps
Wand of the Netherwing
Brooch of Heightened Potential
Adamantine Figurine
Pattern: Stylin' Purple Hat

After you kill Blackheart the next boss you will come across will be Grandmaster Vorpil. For this boss as well it's important that you clear the trash in his room.

Grandmaster Vorpil

This fight is a pretty tough one if you don't know what to do. When you first engage Vorpil he will summon multiple Void Rifts around the room. After roughly 10 seconds these Void Rifts will spawn Void Walkers which will slowly move towards Vorpil. When the Void Walkers reach Vorpil they will exploding dealing damage to everyone around him and also healing him. Most groups will tag Vorpil then pull him back to where they entered the room, giving them plenty of time to DPS him.

During the fight Vorpil will port himself and the whole group to where he was engaged. Over top the podium where you first engaged him he will start channeling Rain of Fire. This will deal a good deal of damage to anyone in the level 70 range, but a level 80 can pretty much laugh at it and keep attacking Vorpil. After the Rain of Fire ends, pull him back to the entrance again dodging the Void Walkers.

Loot Table:
Jewel of Charismatic Mystique
Hallowed Pauldrons
Wrathfire Hand-Cannon
Blackout Truncheon
Breastplate of Many Graces

After Grandmaster Vorpil will be the final boss, Muurmur.


Muurmur is the final boss of Shadow Labs. He is also one of few bosses that start around 30% HP. During this fight he will use Murmur's Touch on a random person in the group. After 10 seconds this touch will explode damaging the target and all targets around him for 4,000 Nature Damage. Also during the fight he will use Sonic Boom. The Sonic Boom animation is pretty obvious, the floor around him will start to have blue lines that flow towards him.

When you see this get out of the circle area around him. It's very important that you don't stay in here because Sonic Boom does a percentage of damage. This means that even at level 80 you're going to be taking quite a bit of damage from it. The final noteable ability that Muurmur does is Resonance. He will apply a debuff when no one is in melee range that will increase nature damage taken by 200 and also deal 2000 Nature Damage. The only time this debuff should be put on anyone is after the Sonic Boom.

Loot Table:
Silent Slippers of Meditation
Tidefury Kilt
Silvermoon Crest Shield
Hallowed Garments
Harness of the Deep Currents
Robe of Obilivion
Sonic Spear
Spaulders of Oblivion
Whispering Blade of Slaying
Greatsword of Horrid Dreams
Shoulderguards of the Bold
Leggings of Assassination





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