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Sethekk Halls Instance Guide

Sethekk Halls is the second highest level instance in Auchindoun. Sethekk Halls is home to Arakkoa, both dead and living. In order for players to access Shadow Labs, the highest level instance in Auchindoun they will need the key off the final boss of Sethekk Halls. On Heroic difficulty, Druids who have gotten their flying mount or are getting their flying mount are able to summon a boss which drops a rare one-of-a-kind raven mount.

If you'd like to see the quests for Sethekk Halls click here. Also, as with Mana Tombs, most of the quests for Sethekk Halls are right outside of the instance itself.

When running Sethekk Halls the first boss you will come across will be Darkweaver Syth.

Darkweaver Syth

Darkweaver Syth himself is a fairly basic tank and spank. He can use almost any school of magic on you and your group. During the battle at 75%, 50% and 25% he will summon 4 elementals to fight against you and your group. These elementals hit hard, since they ignore armor and hit for elemental damage.

Loot Table:
Libram of Eternal Rest
Light-Woven Slippers
Moonstrider Boots
Bands of Syth
Sethekk Feather-Darts
Sky-Hunter Swift Boots

After Darkweaver Syth the next boss you will fight is actually the final boss, Talon King Ikiss.

Talon King Ikiss

Talon King Ikiss is a very unique encounter. During the encounter he will occasionally polymorph someone in the group. The main ability that he has though, is he will port to a random player in the group and go immune to damage. During this time he will begin to channel an Arcane Explosion. This is a roughly 8 second channel during this time you should take cover behind a pillar out of his line of sight. If you get hit by this you'll be taking a ton of damage, so don't get hit by it.

Loot Table:
Greaves of Desolation
Ravenclaw Band
Shoulderpads of Assassination
Terokk's Nightmace
Sethekk Oracle Cloak
Hallowed Trousers
Avain Cloak of Feathers
Incanter's Trousers
Deathforge Girdle
Crow Wing Reaper
Trousers of Oblivion






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