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Blood Furnace Instance Guide

Blood Furnace is the second instance players will come across in the Outlands. It's also the second highest level instance located in Hellfire Citadel. Blood Furnace is a bit tricky to get to, in order to get up to the instance itself you will need to enter from the "Alliance Side" of Hellfire Citadel. While running Blood Furnace you will hear Magtheridon shout occasionally from time to time.

The first boss you will encounter when running Blood Furnace will be The Maker.

The Maker

The Maker is a very easy fight. He has an acid spray ability and a fire bomb ability. Netheir of these abilities are anything to worry about, the only ability he has that is worth mentioning is his Mind Control ability. He will Mind Control a target and increase their damage and healing done by 100%.

Normal Loot Table:

Girdle of the Gale Storm

Libram of Saints Departed

Pendant of Battle-Lust

Ironblade Gauntlets

Diamond-Core Sledgemace

Heroic Loot Table:

Mage-Collar of the Firestorm

Embroidered Cape of Mysteries

Bloodlord Legplates

Libram of Avengement

Moon-Touched Bands

Random Chance to Drop From All Bosses:

Beaming Fire Opal

Flurescent Tanzanite

Jagged Chrysoprase

After you kill The Maker the next boss you will encounter is Broggok. A little word of advice before you rush in there. The lever that seemingly will lead you to Broggok will start a short event where waves of NPC's will come out and attack you. When you fight off all of the Prisoners you will be able to fight Broggok.


Broggok himself is a very easy fight. He has an AoE Poison Bolt that will hit everyone in the group and put a DoT on them. He also will place a "fart cloud", for lack of better words, on the ground directly beneath him. The tank must move him away from this cloud otherwise he will take a lot of damage. Also when Broggok dies he will drop a fart cloud on the ground which will persist for a good minute.

Normal Loot Table:

Legion Blunderbuss

Kilt of the Night Strider

Bloody Surgeon's Mitts

Auslese's Light Channeler

Arcing Bracers

Heroic Loot Table:

Moonchild Leggings

Signet of Repose

Firebrand Battleaxe

Embroidered Spellpyre Boots

Virtue Bearer's Vambraces

Random Chance to Drop From All Bosses:

Beaming Fire Opal

Flurescent Tanzanite

Jagged Chrysoprase

After you take care of Broggok the next boss you will come across will be Keli'dan the Breaker. Keli'dan the Breaker is the final boss of Blood Furnace.

Keli'dan the Breaker

Before you're able to fight Keli'dan the Breaker himself you will need to go through a quick encounter. When you engage one of the channelers around him all of them will come, they all need to be quickly killed. They will apply a debuff on a random person called "Mark of Shadow" which increases Shadow Damage taken by 1000. It is very important that this buff is removed immediatly.

When Keli'dan comes out the fight turns into an almost basic tank and spank. Occasionally during the fight he will yell "Come Closer! And Burn!" at this point he will go immune to all damage and also start channeling a huge Shadow Nova type deal. If you get stuck in the Shadow Nova you're gonna be taking a lot of damage.


Normal Loot Table:

Raiments of Divine Authority

Mindfire Waistband

Vest of Vengeance

Warsong Howling Axe

Mantle of the Dusk-Dweller


Heroic Loot Table:

Eaglecrest Warboots

Wave-Crest Striders

Mantle of Shadowy Embrace

Soldier's Dog Tags

Bloodsworn Warboots

Icon of Unyielding Courage

Robe of Effervescent Light

Adamantine Repeater

Leggings of the Unrepentant

Ruby Helm of the Just

The Willbreaker

Emerald Eye Bracer

World's End Bracer

Doomplate Gauntlets

Wastewalker Tunic

Talisman of the Breaker


Random Chance to Drop From All Bosses:

Beaming Fire Opal

Flurescent Tanzanite

Jagged Chrysoprase





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