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Potion of Treasure Finding Farming Location

           Alright so, after a long while of looking up tons of different locations and testing out Potion of Treasure Finding at all of them I think I finally found "the" one. Verlok Stand is a location in Deepholm with a mass amount of Troggs, all of which have an extremely fast respawn timer. As many of you may know that use my website often, this is indeed one of the locations that I have documented for Embersilk Cloth.

           Let me start off by saying that this location is NOT easy to farm. If you suck, are undergeared or both you will die in this location. Now, the videos I have for this location will make it look 10x more difficult than it is, but I have found that there are multiple locations in this one location that you can farm. The troggs all seem to have less then a 1 minute respawn timer which means you will literally be non stop killing this whole entire time. I highly recommend turning on the auto loot in the options (so all you have to do is right click them to loot them) or holding down shift before looting them so you will auto loot them. This will eliminate a lot of pointless time spent clicking.

           Also, I recommend that if you don't want to die here you bring at least some sort of "oh shit" item. Either a few health potions, mana potions or something to turn you into a super saiyan if shit hits the fan, which it will. Now before actually getting into this guide bit by bit I am going to explain how I will disect this location. I will split it into sections, starting with the easiest "end" of this camp to farm at and progressively moving to harder areas. I'm not going to be able to tell you which camp you can handle, you will have to figure that out yourself. I don't know how good you are and I don't know what your gear is like. At the very end of this guide you will find my videos of the location and a rough estimate based on the items I got of how much gold I made.

Without further ranting, here is the guide.

Camp 1 of Verlok Stand (easiest location)

           At the very southern end of Verlok Stand there is a bridge that leads onto the actual stand (picture above). You will want to stay south of this bridge and away from the instant spawn troggs. The instant spawn troggs start the second the bridge does, on each side of the bridge there are small little fences with three troggs standing in front of each fence. Those will spawn within 10-15 seconds after dieing. You can pull one pack back at a time without having to worry about being spawned on, which is what you should do if you're not used to this area.

           If you struggle with the pack of three then focus on all of the single pulls in the small little valley-like area to the south of the bridge. To get an excellent idea of "camp 1" of Verloks Stand you can watch my video here.

Camp 2 of Verlok Stand (The ridge of the first bridge)

           Camp 2 of Verlok Stand is slightly harder than the first since you will only be dealing with the extremely fast respawning troggs. The main area you will want to be for this camp is standing on the ridge of the very first bridge that goes across onto the two platforms which troggs inhabit. You will want to stand on the very edge of the bridge (as shown in the picture above). This will allow you to slaughter the troggs and also be just out of agro range for most of them as they start to respawn while you are healing up and looting.

           I've also found that it is helpful if you get too overwhelmed to jump off the bridge to the flat area to the west. Here you can safely med up and heal before going back onto the bridge and owning face. This seems to be the location most classes can handle. Going past this location will really require you to use your brain with timing stuns and your self-preservation abilities accordingly to not die.

Camp 3 of Verlok Stand (On the first platform)

           Camp 3 is the location you will see me at with my prot pally in the videos at the bottom of this page. I found a nice little area where you will be able to heal up and med inbetween packs where only one or two troggs will agro you when they respawn. I only recommend coming to this area if camp 2 is hellishly easy for you, because this location will really test what you are able to do because you will need to use your cooldowns as much as possible to keep yourself alive. As seen in the video most pulls at this area are 4 to 5 troggs big at the bare minimum. Sometimes I get 10 or more on me in the video and have to quickly loot and get out of the way to heal as they all respawn.

           As with the previous location there is also a "oh shit" zone that you can quick mount up and fly over to, you can see this area at the end of most of my videos since I have to fly over there to compress the video before filming the next part. Now, if you find this camp easy... I think you may be ready for the final and hardest camp this place has to offer. I will warn you though, you will be under constant attack and wont have time to leave combat and heal up...

Camp 4 of Verlok Stand (2nd Bridge with platform 1 and 2)

           If you can handle this area solo, then most likely you're a blood DK but for the other 9 classes that aren't retardedly overpowered this camp is going to be hard as hell. You will have no downtime, you will have no time out of combat to heal yourself, you will have no time to loot (you will have to loot with mobs beating on you). If you have to go afk for any reason you will come back dead. The sheer amount of mobs that will swarm you here is just insane. The only way you will be able to mount up and leave is if you jump off the platform to evade them.

           As far as farming here goes, I'd honestly recommend bringing a friend, someone that can heal at least. Now if you do bring a friend note that both of you won't need the potion of treasure finding on, infact only one of you will and then you can split the profit at the end. Also at this location I recommend staying away from the Pillartumblers, they don't drop loot when they die because their main purpose is dropping off the ledge for a lower level quest below. If you can handle this location though you won't be dissapointed with the amount of gold you make.

Potion of Treasure Finding Farming Videos & Totals

           Well now that you know all about farming Verlok Stand in Deepholm here is the part of the guide where I will show you actually how much gold you will make here and prove to you just how awesome this location is. Below I have each of the videos I filmed during my hour long farming session here. Note that all of the videos won't add up to an hour since there is some downtime inbetween where I had to stop, log off and compress the video so it isn't truly 1 whole hour of farming, maybe more like 55 minutes, however that is close enough for me.

           So, after farming here for a total of 53:49 I got the following items:

23 Tiny Treasure Chests (967g)

11 Greens + 1 Blue (323g)

50 Embersilk Cloth (73g)

17g Worth of Vendor Trash (17g)

40g from looting the mobs (40g)

           To see what each of the chests contained and also what the greens DE'd into and what the blue is/sold for follow each of the links. If you don't care about any of that and trust me regardless here is the grand total that I made here from that hours worth of farming....

Super Duper Grand Total: 1420g

           With that grand total, if I take it and divide how long each video was (how much of the time I actually spent farming here and not compressing videos) I made 26g 70s a minute. If I actually was able to film the fill 60 minutes I would have made an additional 186g 90s, that is of course an extremely rough estimate. In closing, here are the videos that I made for this farming location, the first 5 are my solo farming run but I made another 2 of farming here with a friend of mine just for kicks.

Best Farming Location Ever 1

Best Farming Location Ever 2

Best Farming Location Ever 3

Best Farming Location Ever 4

Best Farming Location Ever 5

Farming With a Friend 1

Farming With a Friend 2





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