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Farming Embersilk Cloth at Verlok's Stand in Deepholm

           Another great place you can add onto the list of farming Embersilk Cloth is Verlok's Stand in Deepholm. Here you will find close to 100 troggs that you can kill with extremely fast respawn times. Needless to say you won't be able to kill them all before you get respawns. Actually you will be lucky if you're able to kill a pack of them and loot them without the pack respawning (just watch the video!). This location has a pretty average drop rate for Embersilk Cloth but what makes it so good is the fact that there are so many Troggs for you to kill. You literally can not run out.

           In addition to finding Embersilk Cloth here you will also get quite a few greens in your grinding. I got a green at least every 15 mobs that I killed here (two from two back to back mobs right before I made the video). Also another good thing about this area is that there are no quests that require people to come here, well one is done nearby but other than that quest you will most likely have this area all to yourself. Happy Hunting!


Embersilk Cloth

Ruined Embersilk Cloth (Vendor Trash)

Green Items

Embersilk Cloth Farming Video:





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