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Embersilk Cloth Farming in Elementium Depths (Twilight Highlands)

           Another great place for you to farm for Embersilk Cloth is at the Elementium Depths in Twilight Highlands. The Elementium Depths is located in far southern Twilight Highlands. It is a cave just southwest of Cannon's Inferno located at the Twilight Citadel. You will find Depths Overseers in here as well as Twilight Miners. Both these mobs have roughly a 45% chance to drop Embersilk Cloth as well as other goodies. There is an additional type of mob in here, a small crab but he will con neutral to you, meaning he won't attack you unless you attack him first. So you should avoid using AoE abilities and the crab won't be a problem.

           The cave is used in one of the final quests of Twilight Highlands but luckily there are plenty of miners to go around. Even with four or five different people farming here you won't run out of mobs since the cave goes on so long and has such fast respawn times. The mobs inside of the cave are also pretty close together so I recommend you watch where you're going and check both walls for Twilight Miners before proceeding. They can be hard to see in the dark mine and a lot of the time they blend in.


Embersilk Cloth

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