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Farming Blackened Dragonscales in Twilight Highlands

           In southern Twilight Highlands you will find the Obsidian Forest which is littered with all kinds of different dragonkin. The dragonkin are fairly easy to kill and drop quite a bit of vendor trash as well as Dragon Flanks which you may or may not be able to sell to cooks on your server. It honestly just depends on the demand. The dragonkin in the Obsidian Forest have roughly a 30% chance to give you a Blackened Dragonscale when you skin them, the rest of the time they will give you Savage Leather or if you're really lucky a Pristine Hide.

           The thing that really makes this area sweet is many people come here and kill the dragonkin for their quests while leveling to 85 that don't have skinning. Following these people around while killing your own dragonkin for skins will bring in a lot of additional money for you. Also as if all of this wasn't enough if you have Herbalism and Skinning you will really be able to pull in some extra cash because this place is abundant with Cinderbloom!


Blackened Dragonscale

Savage Leather

Pristine Hide

Dragon Flank

Dragonkin Trash Loot

Green Items

Blackened Dragonscale Farming Video:





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