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Farming Volatile Fire at Humboldt Conflagaration in Twilight Highlands

           Another great place for players to farm for Volatile Fire is at Humboldt Conflagaration in Twilight Highlands. Humboldt Conflagaration is just west of Thundermar, an Alliance town found in northern Twilight Highlands. All over Humboldt Conflagaration you will find Unbound Emberfiends that have roughly a 10% chance to drop anywhere from one to two Volatile Fire per kill. This location is on par with Canon's Inferno in southern Twilight Highlands, which is another great place for you to farm for Volatile Fire.

           As far as the amount of people you will see here goes, only Alliance have a quest for these fire elementals. The only reason you will see any Horde here is because they want some Volatile Fire.


Crackling Crystals (Vendor Trash)

Shimmering Shards (Vendor Trash)

Volatile Fire

Volatile Fire Farming Video:





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