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Farming for Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands

           One of the places for players to farm for Volatile Fire in Cataclysm is the Enslaved Infernos in Twilight Highlands. You will find the Enslaved Infernos just southwest of Crushblow, a Horde town in southern Twilight Highlands. Only eight or nine Enslaved Infernos spawn at a time here but seem to have a fast respawn timer (roughly a minute or two). The Enslaved Infernos have a 15% chance to drop anywhere from 1 to 3 Volatile Fires per kill. Also in the lava surrounding Lord Cannon you will see Pools of Fire. You can fish Volatile Fire out of these Pools of Fire. There are usually two of them up at a time.


Crackling Crystals (Vendor Trash)

Shimmering Shards (Vendor Trash)

Volatile Fire

Volatile Fire Farming Video:





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