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Legion Hold Farming at 70

           Legion Hold is well known for being a great place for farm for Fel Armaments or other Aldor related reputation items. Here you will find close to 50 different demons to kill all with short respawn timers. The demons you will be killing have a fairly decent drop rate on reputation items as well as Netherweave Cloth, which will be one of your main money makers here. The one thing you have to watch out for here though is a large elite that wonders through the camp. He has a specific path so once you learn that it will be easy to avoid him.

           Now adays you wont find many people farming here so even at level 80 there will be plenty of mobs for you to kill at pretty much all times. Also at level 80 you really don't even need to worry about the elite patrolling around, he won't be much of a threat to you. Your main money makers here will be the Netherweave Cloth, Greens and any Fel Armaments you find. Note: It may take a few days for the Armaments to sell but usually someone is always looking for them to help raise their Aldor reputation.

Additional Note: As a herbalist you will find Felweed and Nightmare Vine in the camp. As a miner you will find Fel Iron deposits as well as an occasional Adamantium deposit

Loot Table:

Netherweave Cloth

Fel Armament

Mark of Sargeras

Vendor Trash























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